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  • How To Buy Heating Oil Overseas

    For most people, heating oil is purchased overseas, such as in Germany, which produces a large supply of heating oil. Here’s how you can buy your own heating oil.
  • How To Buy Electrical Fixtures

    Aside from cabinets and shelves, electrical fixtures such as lighting fixtures, switches, ceiling and wall fans can add life to your home.
  • How To Lubricate a Finish Nailer or Brad Nailer Tool

    The lubricant keeps your finish nailer or brad nailer running cool and prevents damage to parts and other costly repairs.
  • How to Make Router Templates

    Router templates are helpful when you have to recreate the same shape or dimensions on several pieces of wood.
  • How To Create Wood Signs with a Router

    If you like wooden craft ideas, you'll enjoy making a wood sign. Wood signs are a great weekend project. And with the proper woodworking tools such as an electric...
  • How To Cut Properly with a Knife

    Learning how to cut properly using a knife is very important. Proper usage adds to your comfort in handling a knife, increases your speed with it, and prevents injury.
  • How To Color Code Power Cables

    One of the ways to organize power cables is by color coding them. The easiest way to color code power cables is by using different-colored electrical tape.
  • How To Create a Nanny Cam

    One of the best ways to ensure the protection of your children when you are not around is to install a nanny camera or nanny cam.
  • How To Install a Central Boiler Wood Fired Furnace

    Ease the cold by setting up a central boiler inside your household. A wood fired furnace will be one of the top choices.
  • How To Lubricate a Floorboard Joint

    Here are some things to do if you want to lubricate your floorboard joint and stop the squeaks.
  • How To Learn about Global Security

    You need to be aware about global security issues so that you can do your part in making your society safe.
  • How To Repair an Electric Fan

    Like all household appliances, a fan will sometimes break down and malfunction. Before thinking of purchasing a new oscillating fan, here are ways to repair the fan...
  • How To Repair Chimney Cracks

    With continued use and the effects of weathering, chimney cracks will affect any chimney. If your chimney is cracking, here are quick home repair options.
  • How To Make Simple and Easy Fire Starters

    By using just plain wooden matches, you can make easy and simple fire starters. You will need paraffin, wooden matches, and cotton yarn or wicking.
  • How To Buy Roofing

    Before buying any materials it is necessary to determine which type of roofing is most suitable for a particular project.
  • How To Make a Rain Gauge

    Have you ever wondered how strong the rain was last night? There’s good news for you—you can make your own rain gauge. And all the materials are in your house.
  • How To Make Magnetic Spice Tins

    Using magnetic spice tins is a good method for storage. It is also a great idea to help keep your stuff organized.
  • How To Buy Nails

    If your DIY project requires the use of nails, you have to know exactly what type of nail you need.
  • How To Make Hanging Garage Shelves

    For many homes, the garage is easily the converted stock room where items that the family does not use anymore are junked and stored away. As this is the case, the...
  • How To Fix Up Cheap Furniture

    You can fix up cheap furniture to make it look more appealing and sturdy. Here are some ideas on fixing cheap furniture.
  • How To Use Fuel Transfer Pumps to Move Fuel

    All fuel transfer pumps have manual or automatic nozzles and cords with various lengths. There are also easily-to-install types with suctions you can adjust to your ease.
  • How To Install a Water Pressure Pump at Home

    If your water service isn't providing sufficient water pressure to your home, you can install a water pressure pump in your own house.
  • How To Make a Solar Panel Model

    Creating a solar panel model will be easy if your purpose is to simply display a basic solar panel. It will be more difficult if your solar panel model has to be unique.
  • How To Find a Commercial Snow Removal Company

    For large buildings and commercial structures, you need professional snow removal companies that have the right equipment for the job.
  • How To Make an Onion-Mesh-Bag Pot Scrubber

    Pot scrubbers made out of onion mesh bags are a great way to save money and help the environment, because everything is made out of recycled materials.
  • How To Apply Stain to Wood

    Staining wood furniture can be a tedious process but the result is definitely rewarding. Before applying stain to your wood furniture, be sure to check these pointers.
  • How To Magnetize and Demagnetize a Screwdriver

    Why not magnetize your screwdriver, so that the screws would stick to the screwdriver and won’t fall off? You can easily magnetize your screwdriver for this purpose.
  • How To Choose Types of Door Guard Systems

    To protect your home and ensure the security of your family, look into the different types of door guard systems available in the market.
  • How To Make an Electric Motor Produce Electricity

    An electric motor is a device that ordinarily makes use of electrical energy in order to give off mechanical energy, but you can invert this process.
  • How To Apply a Rubber Roof

    The best way to repair your roof is by applying or installing a rubber roof on it. Rubber roofs are durable, lightweight, and UV resistant.
  • How To Make a Rust Remover

    Although there are plenty of rust removers available in the market, these products are usually expensive and toxic.
  • How To Use the Correct Electrical Wire Size

    Use of the correct electrical wire size is required to ensure safety and protection from possible voltage overload that may result to serious fire incidents.
  • How To Learn About Electrical Installation

    Learning how to install electrical installation is a smart move, as you will save the money that may otherwise go to a hired electrician.
  • How To Generate Your Own Power with Windmill Power

    Many alternative forms of power generation or renewable sources of energy are being pursued, and windmill power is one such alternative.
  • How To Maintain Teak Furniture

    No piece of furniture stays in perfect condition forever, so here are some suggestions on how to maintain the durability of your teak furniture for even a longer...
  • How a Steam Shower Works

    Oh, what bliss! It was just what you needed to take the kinks out of your aching muscles. The steam bath—well aren’t you curious how a steam shower works?
  • How To Build a Pitch Roof

    Building a pitch roof is accomplished by installing rafters that form a truss system. The roof pitch angle (known as the rise) of the roof is determined by local...
  • How To Build a Lampshade

    Before starting to build any type of lampshade, you should first sketch out what you want your lampshade to look like.
  • How To Backfeed an Emergency Power Generator into Your House

    If you find yourself in a power outage and you do not have a transfer switch, here is how you can backfeed your emergency power generator to your house.
  • How To Install an Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Installing an outdoor wall sconce is fairly easy. You just need to know how to hide the wires correctly to get the eye catching décor and lighting effect you are...
  • How To Assemble an Electric Pasta Maker

    Today, the electric pasta maker is the preferred type of pasta maker, because of its ability to safely and effortlessly create pasta. Here are the steps in assembly.
  • How To Assemble a Hygiene Kit

    There are many ways to help the needy and homeless. One of the concrete and tangible ways of doing this is by distributing your own hygiene kit.
  • How To Understand How a Hydrogen Generator Works

    A hydrogen generator is a device that either creates hydrogen or one that runs on hydrogen. The hydrogen source can be as common as water.
  • How To Repair LCD Inverter Board and Cable

    An LCD inverter board is a very important part in laptop computers and televisions. It is like a back light designed to conveniently illuminate your LCD screen or...
  • How To Repair a Table Lamp

    Table lamps are the most commonly used in households. They can, however, sometimes fail and you need to see how you can fix them.
  • How To Determine if You Need a Home Security System

    If you think that you need an additional helping hand in keeping your home and family safe, find a good home security system.
  • How To Assemble a Hole Saw

    Hole saws are specifically designed for do it yourself home projects that require holes of various sizes. If you are planning on using a hole saw, here are the steps.
  • How To Assemble a Meat Grinder

    Unlike the one-size-fits-all grinders in most supermarket meat sections, a home meat grinder can allow you to choose the exact type of grind that you need.
  • How To Find the Best Type of Exterior Wood

    If you’re looking to find the best type of exterior wood for your home, whether it be the front exterior or exterior sliding doors, here are some tips to help you out.
  • How To Install a Bathroom Shower

    Installing a bathroom shower may take up to two days, but with help it can be finished within a day.