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  • How To Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

    The mechanism in a sliding glass door lock isn't too complicated. You can get the door lock working and your sliding glass door secure in no time.
  • How To Fix a Hanging Cabinet

    Simple cabinet problems brought about by age can be corrected with an easy do-it-yourself trick. Learn to fix hanging cabinets without a carpenter.
  • How To Fix a Leaking Refrigerator

    A refrigerator leak is a fairly common household problem and not necessarily a cause for worry. Examine this checklist for solutions to fix your leaking refrigerator.
  • How To Fix Uneven Refrigerator Doors

    In order for your refrigerator door to close and seal properly, it is important that the door be hung evenly. Follow these steps to fix your uneven refrigerator doors.
  • How To Fix or Repair a Leach Field

    Your leach field is an important part of your septic system and relieves the pressure on your septic tank. Learn how to take care of and repair your leach field.
  • How To Fix Paint Streaks on a Ceiling

    Even way up there, you and your guests are going to notice paint streaks on your ceiling, so learn how to paint without leaving the paint streaks behind.
  • How To Fix Leaking Home Radiators

    Do you need help fixing a leaking home radiator? Get tips to mend your broken home radiator. Here's how to fix leaking home radiators.
  • How To Find Home Automation Options for the Disabled

    Home automation nowadays is a breakthrough for persons with disabilities. Here is how to find home automation options for your home.
  • How To Select Circular Saw Blades

    Do you cut wood with circular saws? Learn about the various types of circular saw blades. Here's how to select circular saw blades.
  • How To Decorate Your Outdoor Living Space

    Need help decorating your outdoor living space? Get decoration tips for your patio or porch. Here's how to decorate your outdoor living space.
  • How To Estimate How Much Firewood to Buy

    If you buy more firewood than you need or can use, you are defeating your aim of cutting down on energy costs, so let's figure out how much firewood you need to buy.
  • How To Seal Copper

    It’s very important for a copper surface to be sealed, to protect it from losing its luster. Here are some of the steps you need to do to seal copper.
  • How To Sanitize a Washing Machine

    It is important to regularly clean your washing machine and maintain its cleanliness. Here are the steps to sanitize a washing machine.
  • How To Protect a Leather Sofa

    Protecting a leather sofa involves regular cleaning and use of leather protecting products. Here are a few tips to protect your leather sofa.
  • How To Drill Holes for a Pedestal Sink

    This article describes the general procedure for drilling holes for a pedestal sink, as well as installing a pedestal sink.
  • How To Drill Plexiglass

    Plexiglass can easily crack or break when you drill a hole through it. Yet, drilling a hole through plexiglass is possible without breaking or cracking the plexiglass.
  • How To Do Coffee Maker Repair

    If you wake up one day to find your coffee maker broken, here are some of the steps that you can take to repair the coffee maker.
  • How To Remove Latex Paint Overspray

    Here's how to remove latex paint overspray. It is best to try and remove it while it is still fresh but there are options for older overspray.
  • How To Remove Paint from Hardwood Floors

    Removing paint from hardwood floors may seem complicated but here are some tips and tools to help you remove paint from hardwood floors.
  • How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets with Mineral Spirits

    To refinish the cabinets, you can use mineral spirits, a very effective solvent that can efficiently remove the varnish or polyurethane on the kitchen cabinets.
  • How To Refinish & Care for Granite Countertops

    Your granite countertop will eventually get some damage with continued use. Here’s how you can care for and refinish the granite countertops.
  • How To Remove an Electric Meter

    Here are the steps that you have to follow if you want to remove your electric meter.
  • How To Relight a Gas Stove Pilot Light

    If you choose to relight the pilot light on your gas stove yourself, you may want to take the following steps to ensure a successful process.
  • How To Remove an Old Tub Faucet

    You can remove an old tub faucet and install a new one if the old one is damaged or you want a new style of faucet in your bathroom.
  • How To Remove Floor Tile

    Here are some clear steps on how to remove home floor tiling. You will be able to save a lot of cash doing this stage on your own.
  • How To Remove Grease & Oil Stains from Leather

    Leather is a durable and attractive fabric which will reward you if you look after it. Here's how to remove unsightly grease stains from leather.
  • How To Reinforce a Sagging Shelf

    These simple step by step instructions will help you secure and reinforce an unsightly sagging shelf in the safest way.
  • How To Remove a Moen Faucet

    Here's how to remove a Moen faucet. Its a simple maintenance job that most people can do and will save money on expensive plumber calls.
  • How To Remove a Broken Doorknob

    Although it does not seem to be an urgent matter, a broken doorknob can be a major issue in your household, as it might cause accidents.
  • How To Accurately Read a Torque Wrench

    Before using the torque wrench, here’s how you can read the measurement.
  • How To Pull Up Linoleum Flooring

    Pulling up linoleum flooring can actually be a challenging and laborious task. Here are some tips to make it easier when you want to pull up your linoleum flooring.
  • How To Put a Bit in a Dewalt Drill

    You have to know how to loosen the chuck and insert the drill bit before you can begin drilling with your Dewalt drill.
  • How Does Double Glazing Work?

    Unique construction makes a window with double glazing different from the standard window. It’s not only for aesthetics. The real reason is to improve insulation.
  • How To Prevent Doorknob Dents in Your Walls

    There are preventive measures you can take to avoid doorknob dents and the problem of repairing your wall over and over again.
  • How To Demolish an Existing Fireplace

    When your house is getting cramped and the fireplace is just taking up space, it may be time for you to demolish the existing fireplace and replace it.
  • How To Care for a Propane Tank

    It is very important to know the do’s and dont’s when it comes to caring for your propane tank.
  • How To Demolish Sheetrock Walls

    When you have to demolish a sheetrock wall, follow these steps.
  • What is Steel Rule Die Cutting

    Steel rule die cutting is a procedure that is quite common in cutting or clipping off sheet materials such as rubber, plastic, cardboard and even plastic.
  • How To Cut PEX Pipe

    After measuring the length of your PEX pipe, you can now make a cut.
  • How To Prevent Damage to Wood Floors

    You will be surprised that solid wood floors are the easiest type of floor to maintain. You can prevent any damage from happening to them by following these simple tips.
  • What is a Bench Saw

    A bench saw is a heavy piece of carpentry and woodworking and construction equipment that makes cutting wood and boards for various projects safer and faster.
  • How To Convert House Wiring to 12 Volt

    Converting house wiring to 12 volt is one electrical work activity that homeowners and DIY addicts can easily pick up on their own.
  • How To Create Temporary Seals for Leaking Pipes

    While you wait for your plumber to come, you can create a temporary seal to prevent your leaking pipes from making a bigger mess.
  • What is an Air Hammer

    There are many benefits to using an air hammer. By using this tool, the amount of effort it takes to hammer, shape or manipulate an item is greatly reduced.
  • How To Pressure Wash a Fence

    Whether you decide to paint your fence or if you just want to have it cleaned, one of the most effective ways to start improving your fence is to pressure wash its...
  • How To Prepare Yourself for a Natural Disaster

    If a natural disaster strikes, do you know what to do? It’s best to prepare your home and family before disaster strikes. Here’s what you can do.
  • How To Prepare a Chain Saw for Seasonal Storage

    There are particular steps that you should follow to properly store a chainsaw in order to ensure that it is in good running condition even after several months.
  • How To Control Tree Roots in Sewer Lines

    Controlling tree roots in sewer lines will involve determining the source of the problem, flushing it out, and treating your sewer lines for about a year.
  • How To Connect Fire Alarms to a Home Security System

    Connecting a fire alarm to your home security system will be beneficial to you and your family, since most security systems connect to a remote monitoring service.
  • How To Create a Portable Kegerator

    Whether for commercially made beer or for your own home brew, a kegerator is a great way to transport your beer to the party while keeping it cool.