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  • How To DIY Install Laminate Flooring

    Here are some tips on how to DIY your laminate floor installation; allow two to three days for the laminate to adjust to your climate.
  • How To Make a Lava Lamp

    Although a lava lamp is tremendously popular, we forget the science behind the moving blobs of liquid inside. A lava lamp can be made at home using ordinary ingredients.
  • Making Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtains: Circular Shower Curtain

    Due to the sheer beauty of its shape, many homeowners have shown preference for a clawfoot tub over an ordinary shower enclosure. Nothing beats the sophisticated touch...
  • How To Install Recess Lighting

    Compared to visible lights that could be unsightly, recessed lighting offers a more convenient option for lighting various sections of the house through hidden fixtures.
  • How To Paint with Smoke

    If you are intrigued by such a concept and want to try out this technique for an upcoming project, here are a few simple steps to help you learn how to paint with smoke.
  • How To Find Ready-Made Curtains

    Ready-made curtains are convenient, cheaper and readily available. Here are some tips on how to find ready made curtains for your home or office.
  • How To Buy Directly from Teak Furniture Manufacturer

    When buying teak furniture directly from a manufacturer, remember high quality typically has a high price, therefore shopping for bottom line discounts may not be the...
  • How To Hang a Bathroom Mirror

    The good news is that you can hang a bathroom mirror in a very short period of time, if you have a few tools and some know-how.
  • How To Find Quality Teak Furniture at Discount Prices

    Teak furniture is durable and strong. There are different qualities of teak furniture so here's how to buy quality for the best value.
  • How To Buy a Used Computer Chair

    When on a tight budget, buying a used computer chair might be the thing for you. How do you buy a used computer chair without compromising your budget and comfort?
  • How To Get a Variety of Carpet Samples

    You can find a variety of carpet samples in several locations; carpet stores, department stores and wholesale carpet warehouses, to name a few.
  • How To Install a Hardwood Floor

    With these steps and some basic carpentry knowledge you can install your own hardwood floors.
  • How To Find a Carpet at Discount Prices

    Before you start buying, it’s best to conduct a little bit of research about carpets and carpet installation to avoid getting lost in the common terminologies used.
  • How To Compare Rocking Chair Models

    Rocking chairs, or rockers, are among the most popular furniture of all time. Here's how to learn about the different types and their uses.
  • How To Get Design Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom

    Here's how to create a contemporary interior design for your kitchen or bathroom.
  • How To Find Simple Home Interior Design Ideas

    Here are some tips on how to liven up your home and give it a new look with simple interior design ideas.
  • How To Compare Types of Curtains

    Here's how to compare the different types of curtains available today so that you can decide on the most suitable ones for your space.
  • How To Accessorize Your Bed

    Beds can be accessorized with customized frames, creative or colorful bedding, extra drawers beneath the bed, and more. Check interior design magazines and websites.
  • How To Decorate Your Walls with No Nails and No Paint

    It can be hard enough to impart your own style on a room without restrictions against using paint or nails on the walls. Yet you can decorate your walls with no nails...
  • How To Create a Faux Antique Paint Finish

    Whether you're into refinishing furniture or you just want a unique finish for your next craft project, faux painting is a great option. It gives character to your...
  • How To Select Carpeting

    Visit any flooring store and you will find dozens of types of carpeting in literally hundreds of colors and styles, and this makes selecting new carpet somewhat...
  • How To Paint Wallpaper

    Wallpaper can be difficult to remove so another option is to paint the wallpaper.
  • How To Choose a Faux Paint Finish

    Add an inexpensive yet unique and elegant look to your walls through applying faux paint finishes.
  • How To Recognize Cottage Style

    Down-to-earth perhaps best describes the cottage style, which you'll recognize as resembling the English country and cottage chic styles in certain ways.
  • How To Decorate a Cape Cod Home

    If Cape Cod owners have a special fondness for their homes, it's not difficult to see why. Neither is it hard to see why they would like to see their homes decorated...
  • How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs

    Bath bombs are available in soap stores, and they often cost $6 dollars or more, but why buy it at an expensive price when you can just create your own bath bombs.
  • Turn a Pickup Truck Bed into a Hot Tub

    If you have a pickup truck and some other materials, you can make your personalized hot tub by converting your pickup truck bed into a hot tub.
  • Make a Homemade Fish Aquarium Filter

    An aquarium filter is the most essential device in maintaining cleanliness in an aquarium. It helps keep the water clean and helps the fishes stay healthy and...
  • How To Pick Ergonomic Home Office Furniture

    Here are some tips to help you pick ergonomic home office furniture to help keep your body happy and healthy.
  • How To Protect Leather Office Furniture

    Leather requires a little bit of love from time to time in order to maintain its beautiful look. Here are some suggestions on how to protect your leather office...
  • How To Decorate a Bedroom on a Budget

    Learn how to decorate your bedroom so it reflects your taste and stays within your budget.
  • How To Care for Pewter

    With proper care and maintenance, pewter items of all shapes, ages, styles and sizes can look like new for years to come.
  • How To Decorate a Country Home

    A country style home is dedicated to making life comfortable and enjoyable. Consider the following tips when decorating in the country style.
  • How To Create a Faux Antique Finish

    Old pieces of furniture have a classic antique look that is charming and ideal when furnishing a cottage-style home or even a room with Old World Tuscan decor. Genuine...
  • How To Resilver a Mirror: Mirror Resilvering Tips

    Discolorations and gray marks can add charm and character to an old mirror, but a well worn look is not always desirable, especially if it is not old. Mirrors are not...
  • How To Recognize Modern Style

    "Minimalist" best describes this style.  Unlike the English Country style's controlled clutter and well-lived-in look,  there isn't much to distract the...
  • How To Install Shelving

    One of the best ways to add more storage space to a room of any size is with shelving. Wall shelving can be used to organize and store anything from books to...
  • How To Define a Feng Shui Bagua Map

    Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of controlling the flow of energy (or chi), within your home. According to its principles, you can dramatically change...
  • How To Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui

    Mirrors bring good Feng Shui energy to a home when they are placed in the proper spot. They can dramatically change the flow of energy in a home and bring a peaceful,...
  • How To Use the Feng Shui 5 Elements

    The best way to bring good Feng Shui to your home is to understand how the 5 Feng Shui elements work. Learn the qualities of the elements and how they can bring good...
  • How To Place Your Feng Shui Cures

    If you're trying to attract the best quality of Feng Shui energy to yourself, then you've got to make sure that you place your Feng Shui cures properly. Here's a basic...
  • How To Check the Flow of Chi

    Having good Feng Shui in your home means having good chi, or good energy flow. When you're thinking of redecorating or adding a new piece to your home, it's important...
  • How To Use Clocks in Feng Shui

    Although some believe that displaying clocks in a home is bad Feng Shui, it's perfectly fine to bring clocks into your home as long as you are aware of the best way to...
  • How To Install Anderson Window Parts: Window Installation

    Anderson, or Andersen Windows as they were originally known, is a major window and door manufacturer in the U.S. The company was started in 1903 by a Danish immigrant...
  • How To Choose a File Cabinet

    At first glance choosing a file cabinet might seem like a simple thing. All you need to do is head to the office supply store and pick up whatever is in stock. If you...
  • How To Turn Your Bedroom into a Love Den

    Add the sensual back to your personal space. When the bedroom starts to get cluttered with clothes and gym equipment or it just doesn't feel sexy any longer, consider...
  • How To Remove Wallpaper and Old Borders

    It is time to update the look of your home and the first thing to go, should be that faded wallpaper with a really boring and old-fashioned print! There can be many...
  • How To Find Levolor Blinds

    Levolor blinds are a beautiful type of blind that will add a nice accent to any room in your home. Levolor blinds are blinds that are made of wood and are usually...
  • How To Use Cabinet Hardware

    Everyone knows that the main purpose of cabinet hardware is to open doors and slide out drawers. However the kind of hardware you choose, and the placement of it can...
  • How To Buy Copper Kitchen Sinks

    Buying a Copper Kitchen Sink is something that can add value to your home. These sinks are durable and can be found by contacting many leading manufacturers. There are...