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  • How To Hang Drapes with Sheers

    Hang drapes and sheers together with style to create a complete and welcoming look for your windows.
  • How To Texture a Wall

    Need help applying texture to walls? Use these tips when texturing walls. Here's how to texture a wall.
  • How To Hang a Picture on the Wall

    Follow these steps to hang a picture straight and securely on any wall in your home or office.
  • How To Hang Curtains

    Use these tips to hang curtains straight and properly to give your room the best possible appearance.
  • How To Hang a Framed Mirror

    Hang a framed mirror straight and safely with these mirror hanging tips.
  • How To Tile an Outdoor Table

    You can refinish your outdoor table if you create a new tile surface for your table in a very few steps.
  • How To Get Rid of Lead Paint

    Do you have lead paint in your house? Get tips for making your house safe with lead-free paint. Here's how to get rid of lead paint.
  • How To Sound Proof a Door

    Whether for recording or just peace and quiet, here are some sophisticated as well as simple ways to learn how to sound proof a door.
  • How To Spackle Wall Damage

    Spackle is different from a drywall compound so you will not be able to wet the compound again, once it dries up. Read on for how to spackle wall damage.
  • How To Touch Up Wood-Floor Finishes

    Hard wood floors will reward you with years of beauty if you know how to properly care for them. Lear how to touch up wood-Floor finishes here.
  • How To Spray Polyurethane

    Polyurethane is a a great protectant and clear topcoat, but it can be a challenge to get a smooth coat unless you spray polyurethane properly.
  • How To Splatter Paint Walls

    Splattering the walls is becoming the fashion of abstract fans, decorating their walls with distinctive designs. Learn steps to splatter paint walls.
  • How To Spray Paint a Chandelier

    A chandelier is primarily chosen for lighting, but it can add extra flair to your decor if you give it a new look with a coat of paint. Even a secondhand chandelier...
  • How To Find Free and Printable Home Bar Plans

    A home bar is a fun home improvement addition, and you can simplify the design and construction with free home bar plans you can find and print from the internet.
  • How To Shine Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors bring real character to your home, but they require regular maintenance to keep that hardwood floor shine.
  • How To Shine Pergo Floors

    Pergo floors are popular in homes because they are so low maintenance, but there are still special tips to help Pergo floors shine and maintain their appearance.
  • How To Fix a Broken Window Seal

    Your double-pane window can lose its window seal and no longer offer the protection against heat and energy loss it once did, but you can repair that broken window seal.
  • How To Frost Glass

    You can add style to your home decor by frosting windows, table tops and other glass. Do it yourself by mixing chemicals you can easily get at a hardware store.
  • How To Stop the Draft in Your Basement

    Drafts in homes cause heat to escape, thereby increasing heating costs. Learn how to insulate the basement to reduce energy costs and save money.
  • How To Find Queen Size Sofa Beds

    Bring a bit of versatility to your home furnishings with a queen size sofa bed to fit perfectly into your living room.
  • How To Fix Window Shade Problems

    Too much light. Too little. Won't roll up or down. Fix your window shade problems yourself and relieve your window shade headaches.
  • How To Fix Imperfections in Your Faux Finish

    Your faux finish needs a different set of techniques to detect and fix imperfections in the finish of your interior and exterior walls.
  • How To Fix Window Drafts

    Drafty windows can waste energy and leave you with a chill. Use these tips to fix window drafts around your home.
  • How To Frame a Mirror with Tile

    Regardless of your design and creativity, here are some steps on how to frame a mirror with tile. Learn the basics and the rest is up to you!
  • How To Fit a Tablecloth

    Protect your dinner or dining room table while decorating your dining space in perfect style by selecting a tablecloth that perfectly fits your table.
  • How To Select Carpet Color

    Looking for the perfect carpet colors for your lifestyle? Get decorating tips to help you pick colors for carpets. Here's how to select carpet colors.
  • How To Seal Tile Grout

    Need help sealing tile grout? Prevent mold and mildew stains with these grout sealing tips. Here's how to seal tile grout.
  • How To Select a Fireplace Screen

    Need a new or replacement fireplace screen? Learn guidelines, design choices, panels needed, and the newest type of fireplace screen on the market.
  • How To Find Replacement 4x4 Wall Tiles

    Is your bathroom wall tile falling apart? Get tips for fixing wall tiles in your bathroom. Here's how to find replacement 4x4 wall tiles.
  • How To Select Decorative Accent Lighting for Your Home

    Lighting can really make a difference in any space. Here are a few simple tips on how to select decorative accent lighting for your home.
  • How To Select Wall Hanging Art for Bedroom Decorating

    Need help decorating a bedroom? Use these tips to add wall art to your bedroom. Here's how to select wall hanging art for bedroom decorating.
  • How To Shorten Miniblinds

    Need help shortening miniblinds? These tips can help you adjust the size of your miniblinds. Here's how to shorten miniblinds.
  • How To Decorate Your Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

    You want to decorate your soapstone kitchen countertop to make sure you have an attractive and organized kitchen.
  • How To Add Sand to Paint for Texture

    If you want to spice up your room décor, one of the ways to do this is by painting the room and adding sand to the paint for a bit of texture.
  • How To Cut Laminate Wood Flooring

    Installing laminate wood flooring will require some cutting, especially if you have unevenly measured floors or if you have walls that are shaped unevenly.
  • How To Drape Window Scarves

    Scarves are no longer just accessories to accompany your clothes. Window scarves can now be used for making your window pop with color and life.
  • How To Choose Recessed Lighting for a Dining Room

    Your dining room can benefit a lot from a good recessed lighting plan. Here are two useful tips on how to effectively light your dining area for your future gatherings.
  • How To Cut Concrete Walls

    If you want to add an opening for a window, door or the like, you might need to cut through concrete walls. This can be done DIY-style with the right equipment.
  • How To Cut Ceiling Tile

    Ceiling tile is mostly made of fiberboard, which can be cut using a utility knife. The tricky part is measuring the ceiling tile and making sure you have a clean cut.
  • How To Distress Wood Beams

    You can learn how to distress wood beams using new wood that is manipulated to have the appearance of being a century or two old.
  • How To Customize Cabinet Doors with Fabric

    Customizing your kitchen cabinets with fabric can breathe new life into the design of your kitchen and help you save money on cabinet door replacement costs.
  • How To Remove Burn Marks Off of Adhesive Tile Floors

    There are things that you can do to remove or lessen the burn marks on adhesive tile floors, but take note that it may not work if the burn has gone through the tile.
  • How To Refurbish Worn Spots on Finished Hardwood Floors

    In almost all cases, finished hardwood floors will require occasional refurbishing only with worn spots in areas exposed to frequent and heavy traffic.
  • How To Redo a Bathroom Floor

    The job of redoing and replacing your bathroom floor can be a tough one. However, if you are familiar with how to go about it, it should be fairly easy.
  • How To Redecorate on a Budget

    There are several ways to redecorate your home or a single room without having to spend too much cash.
  • How To Measure a Floor in Square Feet

    You will usually need to measure a floor when you are buying furniture or carpets, or when you need to change or install flooring.
  • How To Put Wallpaper on a Ceiling

    Are you tired of your ceiling? Is it too plain? Is it boring? Well, you may consider adding wallpaper to your ceiling.
  • How To Rag Paint a Wall

    You can rag paint a wall amazingly easily and much cheaper than the usual paint job. It’s fun, too, especially if you love to play with colors.
  • How To Price an Interior House Paint Job

    These are the two ways that you can effectively price an interior house paint job. You can either do it yourself or have someone more knowledgeable do it for you.
  • How To Design an Accent Wall

    By creating an accent wall within a room, you can alter the theme, style, and beauty of that room without having to purchase a lot of materials.