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  • How To Replace Your Existing Door Bell or Door Chime

    Knowing how to replace basic appliances like door bells and door chimes doesn’t only give you satisfaction; it can also save you a lot of money. By using a few tools...
  • How To Purchase a Solar Swimming Pool Cover

    A solar swimming pool cover is the most energy saving and budget efficient kind you can get. Follow these steps on how to get one.
  • How To Prune Untrained Apple Trees

    If there are branches below ten feet, then it’s still possible to make an untrained apple tree bear fruit again. Here's how to prune the tree.
  • How To Prune Pear Trees in Winter

    Winter is the best time to prune a pear tree as it is dormant. Here are the steps on how to prune pear trees in winter and enjoy the fruit it will bear.
  • How To Prune Grape Vines in the 1st Year

    The first year of a grapevine is highly important. It sets the tone of growth for the future. Learn how to properly prune the grapevine in its first year.
  • How To Prune Orange Trees

    The most common reason for pruning an orange tree is to make it produce more fruit. Here are the steps on how to prune orange trees.
  • How To Remove Flagstone Mildew

    Flagstones are usually used in landscaping. It is usually just flat stones or rocks. Because it makes landscaping more elegant, these are generally used for walkways,...
  • How To Remove a Pine Tree Stump

    A pine tree stump can last forever in your yard or field unless you take these steps to remove the tree stump.
  • How To Replace Bricks in Walkways and Patios

    Broken bricks on patios and walkways are nothing new. After some time, bricks could break due to the wear and tear of time or because of the harsh environmental...
  • How To Propagate Rhododendrons

    There are a number of ways to propagate rhododendrons, though cutting is one of the most popular. Here are tips on how to make cuttings successfully.
  • How To Repair Cracks in a Pool Deck

    The swimming pool is the ideal place for you to chill during an extremely hot summer day. If you are blessed with a home that has a swimming pool; chances are, you are...
  • How To Repair Cement Walls

    There are reasons why most houses sport cement walls on the exterior. First off, it is sturdier than wood based walls. Secondly, it provides maximum insulation against...
  • How To Get Rid of Ants

    It seems every home is invaded by ants from time to time, but a few tricks can help you get rid of ants in no time.
  • How To Keep Cats Out of your Garden

    Cats in the garden can dig up seedlings and leave a mess behind, but a a few simple steps can keep cats out of the garden.
  • How To Prepare Soil for Planting

    Soil provides plants the necessary nutrients to make them healthy and fruitful. That’s how important soil is, so if you have plans of planting, soil preparation must...
  • How To Put Up a Welded-Wire Fence

    Sense of security does not have to come in a hefty price. By having the right materials you can put up a border that can protect your family, livestock, garden and...
  • How To Put Up an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Wall

    After a busy day, one activity you can indulge in to de-stress is swimming. Unfortunately this cannot be done unless there’s a body of water available you can dive...
  • How To Design a Cool Climate Well House

    Follow these instructions to build a well house to protect your water source from the cold in cool climates.
  • How To Grow a Moss Garden

    A darker, wetter area of your yard or garden is a perfect place to grow a moss garden for a lush, beautiful garden accent.
  • How To Prune a Dwarf Tree

    A dwarf tree is perfect if what you have is a small home orchard. You can easily take care of it since it doesn’t require much space. Also, you don’t have to worry...
  • How To Prune a Cactus

    Pruning a cactus isn’t enjoyable. It is certainly a challenging job to pull off. Imagine dealing with the plant’s needles. You really have to be very cautious to...
  • How To Protect Garden Plants from Cold Weather

    With their colorful flowers and lush foliage, plants are beautiful and you can never go wrong by using plants to accessorize your home. But if you do so, you should...
  • How To Mosquito-Proof Your Backyard

    Your backyard is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind when you get home from work. It is also a place to gather with relatives and friends for entertaining. You...
  • How To Professionally Edge a Lawn

    An English garden composed of flowerbeds filled with dainty blooms, a lush well-manicured lawn and a picturesque pavilion is truly an inviting sight. You would not be...
  • How To Make Sure Tomato Blossoms Bear Fruit

    Planting your own tomatoes can be very exciting. When you see the flowers growing, the next thing you look forward to is seeing the red ripe luscious red tomatoes. It...
  • How To Paint an Outdoor Concrete Patio

    Patios can be boring looking especially if made of regular concrete. For those who want to give their patios a quick change in look or to keep it in tune with the...
  • How To Price a Backyard Deck

    Residents always take into consideration the price of a deck before building it. You may want to have your own deck for your backyard, but before materializing your...
  • How To Sample, Test and Analyze Soil

    Gardeners, farmers, lawn enthusiasts, and environmentalists should know how to sample, test, and analyze soil to improve its health.
  • How To Buy Cheap Playground Equipment Online

    You can equip your backyard or neighborhood playground by finding cheap playground equipment online.
  • How To Compare Artificial Grass Types

    Artificial grass comes in a number of different types of blade, color, and turf with each type of artificial grass better for different situations.
  • How To Raise Soil pH

    The soil is a complex substance that contains dead and decaying plant and animal matter, small bugs, bacteria, and bits and pieces of stone. A healthy soil will have...
  • How To Make My Own Concrete Pavers

    Concrete pavers can bring style and function to your patio or garden. To make them yourself all you need are some home made or bought molds.
  • How To Prevent Weeds in Stone Pathways

    Having a stone pathway is a great and casual look to have in your home. It is very easy to build and can definitely add beauty to your garden. But one common problem...
  • How To Paint a Decorative Bird House

    A decorative bird house is not only a pleasure for the birds for you and your garden guests as well.
  • How To Make Money With Black Walnuts

    Black walnut trees or also known as Juglans Nigra, are Native American trees. Most people use the tree for furniture because its wood is known to be hard, sturdy and...
  • How To Prevent Cockroaches

    Having cockroaches in your home can drive you crazy. These gross bugs can send women and children into a screaming fit at first glance. Not only is it disgusting,...
  • How To Mix Concrete for Molds

    Concrete molds are used for decorations inside the house as well as in the garden. You can buy concrete molds or if you don’t want to spend too much, you can...
  • How To Make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stones

    Beautifying your own garden with a touch of what you like will always be simple yet great if you do the mosaic garden stepping stones project. This mosaic-inspired ...
  • How To Make Nitrogen Fertilizer

    Nitrogen is a substance that is essential in assisting in the healthy growth of plants. Learn how to use it to advantage in your garden.
  • How To Make Your Own Tomato Cages on a Budget

    Want to grow tomatoes in your backyard? You'll need cages to keep them protected and upright. Here's how to make your own tomato cages on a budget.
  • How To Make Flower Food

    Do you decorate with fresh flowers? Find recipes and tips for keeping cut florals from dying too fast. Here’s how to make flower food.
  • How To Make Flower Arrangements

    Want to make beautiful centerpieces? Learn the basics of arranging flowers in groups. Here's how to make flower arrangements.
  • How To Make Floral Arrangements with Gerber Daisies

    Love the look of daisies? Get tips for making eye-catching arrangements with the flowers. Here's how to make floral arrangements with Gerber daisies.
  • How To Make Trees Grow Faster

    Wish your trees were larger? Use these tips to encourage growth and height. Here's how to make trees grow faster.
  • How To Make Stepping Stones from Scratch

    Stepping stones can give your garden an inviting feeling. Choosing to make the stones from scratch will give you endless creative possibilities.
  • How To Make a Recycled Glass Window Plant Rooter

    Want to use plant rooters as plant containers? Learn to make your own planters. Here's how to make a recycled glass window plant rooter.
  • How To Make Your Own Spa Cover

    Has your spa cover worn out? Instead of buying one, use these tips to save money and make one instead. Here's how to make your own spa cover.
  • How To Make Wind Spinners

    Do you want to add color and fun to your yard? Find step-by-step instructions for building spinners for windy days. Here’s how to make wind spinners.
  • How To Make Bonsai Pots

    Want to grow bonsai plants? You must have the right pots to plant them in, or they won't grow properly. Here's how to make bonsai pots.
  • How To Make an Irrigation System for a Vegetable Garden

    Do you want healthy, regularly watered veggie gardens? Find tips on irrigation. Here’s how to make an irrigation system for a vegetable garden.