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  • How To Make a Cactus Terrarium

    A cactus terrarium is a simple but exotic variation on the houseplant that can bring the desert into your home.
  • How To Dispose of Rat Poison

    Rat poison is dangerous to anyone or anything that eats or even touches it, so be careful in the way you dispose of rat poison.
  • How To Find a Hand Water Pump

    Make sure that the hand pump you get will be suitable to your water source. Here are some tips on how to find a hand water pump.
  • How To Decide Between Artificial Turf and Natural Grass

    Putting in a new lawn? Learn about maintenance and costs for turfs and grasses. Here’s how to decide between artificial turf and natural grass.
  • How To Decorate a Hallway

    A hallway can often be either bland or a total mess, but these interior design tips will help you decorate your hallway in style.
  • How To Extract Neem Oil

    Want to make your own neem oil? Use these tips to extract neem oil from neem seeds. Here's how to extract neem oil.
  • How To Design a Children’s Play Area in Your Landscape

    Want to build a playground? Learn about safety tips, landscaping, and play equipment. Here’s how to design a children’s play area in your landscape.
  • How To Create a Rustic Garden

    A rustic garden design can wed the serene beauty of the outdoors with the slow and peaceful pace of older days gone by.
  • How To Choose Garden Statues

    Consider these home decoration tips to help you choose garden statues that will suit your garden and home design.
  • How To Create a Mediterranean Patio

    Take some tips on how to create a Mediterranean patio for your home and have a holiday each time you step outside.
  • How To Create a Landscaped Walkway

    Here are tips on how to create a landscaped walkway for a welcoming and unique entry into your home and garden.
  • How To Dig a Hole with a Backhoe

    The easiest way to dig a big hole is with a backhoe, but only if you know how to properly operate a backhoe.
  • How To Dig Deck Footings

    Give your deck the support it needs with less work by following these guidelines to dig deck footings.
  • How To Decorate a Garden with Old Gardening Tools

    Do you have an old garden tool? Hoes, spades, and trowels are unique gardening decorations. Here’s how to decorate a garden with old gardening tools.
  • How To Cut Floral Foam for Flower Arrangements

    Do you like arranging flowers? Floral foam holds your real or silk flower arrangement in place. Here’s how to cut floral foam for flower arrangements.
  • How To Cut Bamboo Poles

    Do you want to decorate with bamboo in your home or yard? Learn quick and easy tips for cutting a bamboo pole. Here’s how to cut bamboo poles.
  • How To Create a Patio Bird Habitat

    Create your own patio bird habitat for an enchanting addition to your home environment and welcome bird sanctuary.
  • How To Choose Edging Material for a Garden

    The right edging material for your garden will perfect the garden's overall look while saving you from annual maintenance of the edging.
  • How To Plant Orchids

    Bring the beauty of the rain forest to your home with these plant care tips to help you plant orchids and care for the orchid plants and orchid blooms.
  • How To Grow an Avocado from a Pit

    Did you know you can easily grow your own avocado tree and fruit just by salvaging its seed? Here is how to grow an avocado from a pit.
  • How To Grow Grapes

    Interested in growing grapes? Use these gardening tips to plant and care for grapes in your own yard. Here's how to grow grapes.
  • How To Choose Plants to Make a Room Smell Good

    Houseplants can filter the air in a room and offer attractive scents to make a room smell good, particularly if you follow these guidelines for choosing plants.
  • How To Buy a Wood Chipper

    Interested in buying a wood chipper? Use these tips to learn what to look for in wood chippers. Here's how to buy a wood chipper.
  • How To Create a Container Design

    Enhance the beauty of your container garden with these tips to create a container design that will enhance the overall garden's look and feel.
  • How To Grow & Harvest Cilantro

    Cilantro is a wonderful garden plant with many uses in the kitchen. These simple gardening tips will help you plant, grow, and harvest cilantro and its coriander seeds.
  • How To Construct a Grape Trellis

    In a few simple steps you can construct a grape trellis around your home or garden whether to support your plantings or as a simple grape trellis decoration.
  • How To Care for Banana Trees

    Banana trees are remarkable plants for their lifecycle and productivity, both of which you can enjoy if your take these plant care steps to grow your banana tree.
  • How To Buy a Swimming Pool Timer

    To help your pool maintenance and temperature control without all the fuss and wasted energy, you can buy a swimming pool timer.
  • How To Decorate a Patio Room

    Interested in decorating a patio room? Get home decorating tips for creating beautiful patio rooms. Here's how to decorate a patio room.
  • How To Eliminate Pigeons

    Need help getting rid of pigeons? Get pest control tips to keep pigeons away. Here's how to eliminate pigeons.
  • How To Eliminate Rabbits

    If you have rabbit pests in your yard or garden, these rabbit control options will help you capture or scare rabbits away from the area.
  • How To Build Gazebos

    Do you want to stay longer in your garden in order to appreciate it more, but you can’t stand the harsh sunlight that long? One great solution is to set up a gazebo....
  • How To Compost: Learn Organic Garden Composting

    Want to start composting for your garden? Learn how to set up an organic compost system. Here's how to compost: learn organic garden composting.
  • How To Control Mealybugs

    Need help with a mealybug infestation? Get tips on how to keep mealy bugs out of your garden. Here's how to control mealybugs.
  • How To Make a Garden Trellis

    Climbing flowers such as clematis and roses are beautiful, but not if they're sprawled across your lawn. Here's how to build a garden trellis to support your climbers.
  • How To Grow Blueberries

    If you love blueberries, you might be surprised at how easily you can grow them in your very own yard. Even if you don't have a garden, you can grow your own berries.
  • How To Get Rid of Moles

    If you have moles in your yard and garden, a few pest removal steps can help you get rid of the moles, mole holes, and the other problems they present.
  • How To Build a Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

    Build your own cedar tray bird feeder for a long-lasting and attractive wooden bird feeder that you can build to your own specifications.
  • How To Care for Pink Jasmine

    Check out these special gardening tips to provide the best care for Pink Jasmine for a healthy plant and beautiful jasmine blossoms.
  • How To Care for an Areca Palm Tree

    An Areca Palm Tree is a lovely houseplant for home or office, and the following plant care tips will keep your Areca palm in the best condition.
  • How To Buy a Used Swing Set

    Thinking of buying a used swing set? Get tips for finding swing sets for kids. Here's how to buy a used swing set.
  • How To Buy Patio Bricks

    Trying to fix up your lawn, patio or landscaping? Use patio bricks. Learn how to buy patio bricks for a new look.
  • How To Build a Deck Rail Umbrella Holder

    Follow these simple steps to design and build an umbrella holder to attack to your deck rail and provide some shade while you sit on the deck.
  • How To Build a Cheap Fence

    These fencing options will allow you to build a cheap but attractive and/or effective fence on your home or business property.
  • How To Build a Gate from Treated Wood Panels

    Need helping building gates with wood panels? Get tips for building your own fence. Here's how to build a gate from treated wood panels.
  • How To Buy Swimming Pool Tiles

    Having an in-ground swimming pool in your backyard ensures you of days of pleasure. You can have it designed to suit your taste. Start with choosing the tiles.
  • How To Buy Swimming Pool Paint

    The benefits of an in-ground pool in your backyard are obvious: just ask your friends and family! But pools require upkeep and part of that is painting. Here's what to...
  • How To Calculate What Size Heat Pump for Pools

    Getting a heat pump for your pool means no more shock of jumping into a cold pool. But how big a heat pump do you need? Here's how to figure that out.
  • How To Care for a Potted Azalea

    Azaleas are easy to care for and require minimal intervention to ensure that they thrive. Learn tips to care for a potted azalea.
  • How To Care for Fruit Trees

    Backyard fruit trees will yield edible fruits if you follow a few simple tips. Learn how to care for fruit trees.