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  • How To Care for and Clean House Plants

    Taking care of houseplants is not just about watering and giving them some sun once in awhile. You also need to clean your house plants.
  • How To Buy Indoor Flowering Plants as a Gift

    Before buying them to give as gifts, read through this guide on picking out indoor flowering plants properly.
  • How To Make an Indoor Sandbox for Kids

    An indoor sandbox is something that is easy to clean, creates a very friendly playing atmosphere, and is relatively safer for your child's use.
  • How To Make an Indoor Container Water Garden

    You don’t need to be an avid gardener to make your own indoor container water garden. All the materials you need are found in your local garden store.
  • How To Make Coffee Ground Tea for Plants

    These are the simple steps on how you can make coffee ground tea for plants. By doing this, you won’t need as much fertilizer, as the coffee grounds do the job.
  • How To Buy Gardening Shears

    There are a variety of gardening shears, and selecting the right kind will help you in this important task.
  • How To Keep Orchids Healthy

    This is how you make your orchids healthy and free from pests and infestation.
  • How To Make Cockroach Repellent from Borax

    You can purchase some cockroach repellent from the grocery or make your own using Borax. Borax is an ingredient that is mostly used in detergents and insecticides.
  • How To Buy Bromine for a Swimming Pool

    To keep swimmers healthy, chemical substances that sanitize water are crucial. The following are tips for purchasing bromine for your swimming pool.
  • How To Buy Kid's Garden Tools

    Garden tools are very much available anywhere. But smaller versions, the type that actually fits so well with little children's hands and fingers, are harder to find.
  • How To Calculate Swimming Pool Volume in Gallons

    For pool owners, finding out exactly how many gallons of water are used to fill up the swimming pool is important, for your water bill and the balance of chemicals you...
  • How To Take Care of a Gravel Driveway

    If you have a gravel driveway, then you must know how easily it can go from gorgeously paved driveway to a disheveled mess.
  • How To Maintain a Yard Edger

    The proper functioning of a yard edger depends on its care and maintenance. Here is how to maintain a yard edger to keep it running longer and better.
  • How To Make Potting Soil

    When it comes to mixing your own potting soil there are many different ways to combine the various raw materials to achieve the right type of potting soil for your...
  • How To Maintain a Dense Hedge by Pruning

    A hedge has to be pruned properly in order to have a good aesthetic appeal. Try to keep the tips below in mind when pruning your hedge.
  • How To Buy the Perfect Rosebush

    The best time to buy rosebushes for growing is during the last dregs of fall until the beginning of spring. Choose what rose-lovers call a bare-root rosebush.
  • How To Buy Wind Spinners

    Wind spinners are called by different names. They can be just plain spinners, or a twirler, or a whirligig. Some call them wind twisters or wind dancers.
  • How To Buy Landscape Garden Design Software for Home Use

    Using landscape garden design software is very beneficial for home use if you are thinking of embarking on a DIY or do-it-yourself home project.
  • How To Buy a Swimming Pool Hand Skimmer

    One of the easy solutions to pools in areas that become dirty quickly are swimming pool hand skimmers.
  • How To Make Cayenne Pepper Spray Repellent

    Are varmints wreaking havoc all over your precious garden on a regular feeding-frenzy basis? Don’t fret, as the perfect solution is right here. It’s hot...
  • How To Take Pomegranate Plant Cuttings

    If you’re interested in cultivating pomegranate plant cuttings, the main requirement is that you have the proper climate, basically not to hot or too cold.
  • How To Make a Trellis for Pumpkins

    Making a trellis for plants that grow on vines is a good idea, helping you maximize space in your garden. One of the plants that could use a trellis is the pumpkin.
  • How To Make Deer Proof Fencing

    For real estate owners, deer can pose several problems. To keep deer away from your property, use deer proof fencing.
  • How To Build Stone Block Steps on a Hillside

    Stone block steps on a hillside is the long term for what is commonly associated with a retaining wall. And they have a lot of uses not just for aesthetic but also for...
  • How To Buy Seed Potatoes

    Growing your own potatoes is a satisfying experience. But how do you get started? The first step is to select your seed potatoes.
  • How To Build an Outdoor Storage Cabinet

    This will be perfect for use as an outdoor storage cabinet that will be able to hold all of your gardening needs such as shovels and rakes.
  • How To Build an Outdoor Countertop

    To build an outdoor countertop the first requirement is a suitable support system. This can be a brick pedestal or metal framework, among other options.
  • How To Make Snare Traps for Squirrels

    I hope to show you just how to make a snare trap for squirrels and other small animals.
  • How To Buy Portable Toilets

    A portable toiler can be important because you will want to make sure that all of your guests are able to enjoy the outdoor event and go to the toilet if needed.
  • How To Make Plant Seeds Sprout Faster

    There are several ways to make plant seeds sprout faster, depending upon the type of plant.
  • How To Make Rows with a Rototiller

    Regardless of whether you plan to plant flowers or vegetables, learning how to make rows with a rototiller is important.
  • How To Build Deck Support Brackets

    There are numerous types and styles of deck support brackets, however, all serve the same basic purpose. That is to support a deck and in doing so stabilize the...
  • How To Use a Temperature Zone Map for your Garden

    For a gardener to know which plants to best cultivate in one's garden, you should make use of the temperature zone map called the hardiness zone map.
  • How To Make Decorative Wood Columns

    Choose one of these options or use all of these to create the decorative patterns for your wood columns.
  • How To Make a Soil Water Tester

    Aside from making a soil ball, you can also test the soil quality by making a soil water tester. This is more objective than the first method.
  • How To Make Gerber Daisies Bloom More

    Having Gerber daisies in your mini-garden will bring that unquestionable sense of life and atmosphere of freshness to your backyard.
  • How To Build a Tropical Shade Structure

    You can light a tiki torch outside, and you can live just as the Mediterranean people live right in your own back yard with a Tropical Shade Structure.
  • How To Build a Pergola on a Concrete Slab

    A pergola, which is a man-made framework which supports plant growth and provides shade, can be an excellent addition to any backyard patio or garden.
  • How To Find Gardening and Landscaping Backyard Designs

    If you want to design or landscape your garden or backyard, here are a few steps that you should follow.
  • How To Make a Rototiller

    Instead of purchasing an automatic Rototiller, you can make your own. This is especially useful if you are only working a small patch of land.
  • How To Maintain a Gravel Driveway

    Gravel driveways are now becoming more common, compared to having it cemented, which is more expensive. Gravel driveways need to be regularly maintained, as they are...
  • How To Build Outdoor Chaise Lounge Chairs

    You are so into how things are made that it has become a passion. From your point of view, trying to build something from scratch is a worthwhile project, especially...
  • How To Locate a Plant Nursery Near You

    Finding the right plant nursery near you involves some ingenuity and patience. After all, having a beautiful garden will be your source of pride and joy.
  • How To Make a Miniature Greenhouse

    If you are fond of taking care of plants, but you do not have enough space to breed them in all kinds, you may build a miniature greenhouse.
  • How To Find Bird Bath Fountains

    Bird bath fountains can be a wonderful and attractive addition to your garden even beyond the pleasure of watching a variety of birds splashing in the water.
  • How To Make Deer Repellant

    Deer fencing is an option, but if you want to maintain the presence of deer near your home without letting go of your garden or orchard, make your own deer repellant.
  • How To Maintain a Lawnmower

    To maximize the features of your lawnmower for a longer period of time, it is important to keep it well maintained. Here are some important tips on how this is done.
  • How To Build a Gnat Trap

    Gnats, also known as fruit flies, are pesky little insects that make their homes near rotting materials. In order to get rid of them, you will need to build a gnat trap.
  • How To Build a Raccoon Trap

    The key to building a raccoon trap is to do so with as little residual mess as possible. Therefore, I have devised a foolproof raccoon trap.
  • How To Build a Concrete Block Fence

    The durability of a concrete block fence makes it an excellent option for anyone who needs a sturdy wall for protection.