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  • How To Build a Leaf Composter

    Gathering and preparing dead leaves and organic trash is the first step in building a leaf composter.
  • How To Build a Block Wall Fence

    Building a block wall fence requires a poured in place concrete footing to support the wall, #4 steel re-bar in the footing (known as horizontal reinforcement), and #4...
  • How To Build a Bean Plant Tower

    Building a bean plant tower is not a complicated do-it-yourself project, and is one in which all members of the family can participate.
  • How To Build a Wood Storage Cart

    Although you can purchase storage containers at most stores, some people are interested in building storage spaces themselves - a wood storage cart.
  • How To Build a Simple Bamboo Garden Attraction

    To spice up a dull and boring garden, adding a bamboo garden attraction creates a unique look and will take less than an hour to build.
  • How To Build a Stockade Fence

    There are a number of reasons for building stockade fence, from containing animals to containing children.
  • How To Build a Cyclone Fence

    While often installed by professionals, with a little bit of knowledge and the proper tools you can learn to build a cyclone fence yourself.
  • How To Build a Log Fence

    To build a log fence, begin by installing 24 long wood stakes at each end of the run and drawing a string line tight between the stakes, approximately 12” above the...
  • How To Build a Rock Garden

    A rock garden is a nice addition to any yard. Many people are intimidated by the idea of building a rock garden, but it's not hard.
  • How To Make Your Own Mole Traps

    Getting rid of moles or gophers may not be as easy as going to the dermatologist for wart removal. Moles or gophers are the pesky creatures that make a huge mess in...
  • How To Make Bulk Compost

    With the many gardening shops offering fertilizers that come in handy bags and bottles, many are lured out of making bulk compost.
  • How To Make a Lawn Greener

    There are some tips and tricks that you can do to achieve that lush green lawn look that you see in landscaping magazines and in movies.
  • How To Choose the Best Toilet

    Today, there are plenty of toilets available for installation in your home. Choosing which toilet will work best for you can be daunting, unless you know what to look...
  • How To Assemble a Weed Eater

    Whether you plan on using the weed eater yourself, or if you want to hire the neighborhood kids, a weed eater will help you keep your lawn trimmed and looking healthy.
  • How To Make a Garden Fountain

    A garden fountain is one of those simple do-it-yourself projects that can be done over the weekend. Many garden and hardware stores now carry garden fountain kits.
  • How To Choose the Right Garden Equipment

    A variety of tools are manufactured in the gardening industry today. If you decide to buy garden equipment for your green thumbing, you have a wide array of choices.
  • How To Attach Vines to Cement Walls

    Here are a few tips on how you can attach vines to your cement walls to make them more attractive. The trick here is to choose the right type of vine to use.
  • How To Build a Raised Garden Box

    What you are planting will decide what size of a raised garden box you are going to need. Some plants require a deeper box and therefore will need to have a larger depth.
  • How To Choose and Build a Garden Pond

    When deciding which style of pond is best for your garden area, there are a few different garden pond installation methods that can be used.
  • How To Build a Vermiculture

    Building a vermiculture is a great way to improve the soil and naturally fertilize the garden or house plants.
  • How To Build a Commercial Backyard Greenhouse

    In order to build your own Backyard Commercial Greenhouse, you need to plan where it is going to go. A greenhouse needs to be in an area that gets most of the day's sun.
  • How To Make a Rock Garden Fountain

    Making a rock garden fountain adds a perfect touch to any outdoor garden area. It is a beautiful focal point, and a rock garden provides the relaxing sound of...
  • How To Adjust Your Swimming Pool Inlet Fitting

    Adjusting a swimming pool inlet fitting is fairly easy and requires very few tools. It is one of the most common causes for milky / cloudy water in swimming pools.
  • How To Make a Balloon Arbor

    A balloon arbor is a decorative element that looks like a gazebo. You can save a lot of money by doing the balloon arbor yourself with a little help from your family...
  • How To Install an Indoor Pool in Your House

    Completing the installation of an indoor pool can take months if you do it yourself. Better to leave the installation of the indoor pool to the professionals.
  • How To Make a Simple Yard Sign

    Whether you want to inform people about your dog or want to protect your lawn from getting trampled on by strangers, a simple yard sign proves very effective.
  • How To Locate Spores on Ferns

    Reproducing ferns through spores is one amazing process. The process by which any presence of moisture can bring forth another fern is truly remarkable.
  • How To Maintain a Bromine Pool

    If you’re considering alternatives to chlorine for your swimming pool, bromine is one of your options. The advantages of using bromine over chlorine are numerous.
  • How To Arrange Flowers in a Planter

    Arranging flowers in a planter is not a challenging task. You don't have to be a florist or a designer to do so and add a dimension to your home and garden.
  • How To Adjust Your Pool Cleaner

    There are several simple maintenance steps to take to adjust your pool cleaner so that you eliminate the typical problems with having the pool cleaner.
  • How To Live in a Tree House

    Having enjoyed the many advantages of having a tree house for a playground, many people have gone a notch higher – and that is having a tree house, for a home.
  • How To Avoid Mice Taking Bait Without Springing Trap

    There are basically two foods no mouse can resist: peanut butter and chocolate. If you want a mouse trap no mice will escape from, start right there with the bait.
  • How To Make a Garden Candle

    Garden candles are lovely accents that create a wonderful outdoor atmosphere for late afternoon or evening. There are several ways to make a garden candle.
  • How To Grow Climbing Hydrangea Vine

    A good view provides healing effects on one’s soul and relieves one from stress. The climbing hydrangea is a great way to have such beauty at very minimal effort.
  • How To Acid-Wash a Swimming Pool

    Choosing to acid-wash your swimming pool is beneficial if your pool is stained and has lost its natural sparkle and shine.
  • How To Add Gas to Lawn Mowers

    There are several key points to know when adding gas to lawn mowers in order to protect your engine from burning out and for operating your mower at peak efficiency.
  • How To Make a Garden Arch

    Not only is a garden arch easy to construct, but to do it yourself means you get to pick the exact material, size, and the design you want.
  • How To Adjust Soil pH

    The first factor in determining what will need to be done to adjust your pH balance is what plant or plants are going to be going in the area where you adjust the pH.
  • How To Perform a Soil Analysis

    For professional agriculturists, home gardeners and even building contractors, soil analysis is a crucial task in order to assess just how suitable the soil is for...
  • How To Make Flower Arrangements Using Orchids

    Because of orchids' unique and interesting characteristics, they can make charming floral arrangements appear even more stunning and elegant.
  • How To Install Artificial Grass

    Aside from its low maintenance costs, artificial grass does not require daily watering, so that people are starting to consider artificial grass for their turf.
  • How To Keep Plants Alive

    A healthy plant is a cheerful addition to any home. There are just a few simple things for to remember to keep plants alive and thriving.
  • How To Add Medicinal Plants to Your Garden

    When planning your next garden, why not consider reserving a space for some healing medicinal plants?
  • How To Add Ambiance Lighting to Your Backyard

    Adorning your backyard with attractive ambiance lighting pieces will add beauty to your home. Learn how to add ambiance lighting to your backyard.
  • How To Maintain Roses

    Roses are fairly low-maintenance plants, although they do require some care if you expect to enjoy years of beautiful and healthy blooms.
  • How To Add Plants to a Small Courtyard

    Here are some suggestions on how you can arrange and decorate your patio with potted plants.
  • How To Keep Grass Healthy

    Taking some simple steps in the spring, summer and fall can lead to a beautiful lawn. Learn what to do to your grass each season and keep it healthy.
  • How To Design a Curving Path or Plant Bed Border

    The first things to consider when designing a curving path or plant bed border are drainage, shade, soil type, air flow, and the type of material used for your path.
  • How To Landscape with Colorful Foliage

    To learn how to landscape with colorful foliage means finding plants, trees, shrubs and flowers that offer lots of color from one season to the next.
  • How To Lay Bluestone Tiles Outdoors

    Bluestone tile is a natural choice to build an outdoor walkway or patio, and can be snapped or broken to make them unsymmetrical, giving the project a unique look.