4 Tips on How To Choose Flooring for Your Home (or Business!)

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The global flooring market is expected to be worth over 500 billion dollars by the year 2027. That massive figure is telling of the obvious truth that every home/business needs flooring. What kind of flooring they need though is debatable.

There is no shortage of flooring options that you'll be greeted with when you walk into your local hardware store. This post on how to choose flooring hopes to make your process of filtering through choices easier.

Keep reading to learn about how you can pick floors that will check the boxes and ultimately provide you with the most return on your investment.

1. Consider Moisture

If you live in a temperate climate that has consistently nice weather all year, your flooring options are limitless. For those of you that live in areas where precipitation and moisture in the air can get high, you'll want to be more scrupulous.

For example, high humidity areas like Florida have historically gravitated towards concrete, porcelain, and vinyl as these flooring types perform well when met with water.

Buyers that ignore humidity will find that their floors will begin to lift.

2. Do You Have Pets?

Homes and businesses that house furry residents are going to see their floors get urinated on, worn out, and scratched. Plan for that by buying into flooring that is wear-resistant and cleans easily.

We like laminate flooring, ceramic, and porcelain to battle against pet ware. Even carpet is okay as a good cleaning can take care of most accidents.

3. Thinking About Budget

The most common how to choose flooring question people ask themselves is how much various types of floors will set them back. Different types of flooring can have starkly different price points which contribute greatly to what a buyer's options are.

For example, rare woods like ipe or Brazilian cherry can cost $5+ per square foot. On the lower end, you have laminate flooring and porcelain tile which can come in at $2 or less.

4. Talk To a Professional

The tips we've given you should help you shape your home floors or business floors search. At the end of the day though, it's always a good idea to chat with a flooring professional in your area to ensure the flooring type you've landed on is actually a good fit for your lifestyle/location.

You should be able to speak to a flooring expert at your local hardware store or by opting into discussions online with digital floor wholesalers.

A professional should be able to tell you everything about the flooring you're considering including how long it lasts, specials that are going on in the marketplace, and more.

You Know Now How to Choose Flooring Effectively

Knowing how to choose flooring is a skill that can lead to more affordable and fulfilling purchases. Our team hopes that our guidance moves you towards the flooring of your dreams!

If you need more assistance with your real estate or lifestyle questions, we welcome you to check out additional helpful content on our blog.


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