5 Ways to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your House

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You've just arrived home after a long day, but find that your house key is missing!

When you've been gone all day and just want to kick your feet up and relax, losing a key can be so frustrating. Plus, it can be scary wondering where your key is and who has their hands on it!

Because of this problem, many people skip locking their homes, which is a dangerous habit. If you find yourself getting locked out of your house often, you may need to find a good hiding spot for your spare.

Keep reading to learn where you should hide your spare key!

Locked Out of Your House? Where You Should Hide Your Key

If you've been locked out but have no spare key, you may need an emergency lock-out service.  

We've all been locked out of our homes before, luckily, you have the option to hide a spare key. Here's where you should hide your house key...

1. Get a Lock Box

Many people are hesitant to keep their keys outside of their houses. 

If you put it under the doormat, this is a really easy hiding spot. It wouldn't be hard for someone to find your key under the mat. If you want to keep your key where you can easily find it, consider a lockbox instead.

Put your lockbox in a place you will remember but that's pretty easily accessible to you. Don't forget to use a lock code that you can remember!

2. Hide Your Key in a Fake Rock

While the doormat is an obvious hiding spot for a key, a fake rock isn't.

If you want to keep the key in front of your home where it can be easily found by you, a fake rock is perfect. Fake rocks will have a little compartment that's accessed through the bottom of the rock.

To boost up the security of this idea, add many rocks that look similar to the area!

3. Keep Your Key in Your Car

if you feel like you're losing your keys often, why not keep a spare in your car? 

You can lock your car if you have your key fab so you don't have to worry about anyone getting it. Plus, if somebody did get into your car, they wouldn't be looking for a house key.

4. Keep Your Key in Your Siding

The great thing about owning a house is that there are tons of creative places to hide your house key!

If you think a fake rock is too obvious, think outside of the box and hide a key in your siding. All you have to do is tie a string to the key and push it down into your siding. Grab the string and pull when you need your key.

5. Hide Your Key at a Neighbor's House

Do you have a neighbor that you trust?

If so, then it may work to hide a key at their house. To make it fair, let them keep a key at your house, too. If someone does find the key, they won't know where to use it, since it doesn't work with the house it's at.

Where Will You Hide Your Key?

Wherever you hide your key, make sure you can easily access it if you're locked out of your house.

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