How To Repair Antique Glass

Antique glass repair is a highly specialized skill, and not many companies can undertake this skill.  However, if you break or chip your antique glass item it can probably be repaired. For most people, who do not know somebody that can repair antique glasses, broken ones may just be junked or kept in one corner. Sometimes, broken glasses are taped so as not to fall into pieces. It is good to know that somebody else cares for damaged antique glasses. There are shops whose specialties are repairing and servicing aged and collectible glasses. Restoration of antique glasses requires extra time. Copper wheel, stone wheel and contemporary diamond wheel cutting are specialties used by those who are fond of antique glasses.

Rim chips are repaired from goblets to chargers. The edges of the goblets to be repaired are rolled inside out to give the item a quality appearance. There is a polishing process, which is optically clear and unequalled.

Art glasses such as Verlys, Lalique and Galle may also be repaired and restored. In fact, the finish of these items can be duplicated. There are also procedures where glass or crystal could be repaired by using a permanent translucent bonding agent.

Repair professionals can do a lot of things, such as replacing daubers on the trimmings of cologne stoppers, and making inner stoppers for lay-down cologne bottles. They can also recut figural and statistical cologne stoppers.

A famous shop in the US which specializes in art restoration repairs worldwide, including glass repair jobs, is the Bokrosh Glass Repair Studio. They have more than 30 years of experience in repair, creation, and restoration of glass art. This studio works only in glass. They can offer you more familiarity and concentrated skills than repair shops working on various media.

Among the glass repair and reinstatement works which Bokrosh Glass Repair Studio works on are: antique glass repair, glass art repair, Murano glass repair, glass restoration, glass sculpture repair, and crystal repair. Severely broken glass can still be repaired. The job is hardly discernible and clients are ensured satisfaction.

Antique glass repair is such a difficult job. Apart from the skills that a professional should posses, he should also have interest in the job. He should be passionate about the work, and should be able to show you a portfolio of before and after pictures of items that he has resotred. Start gathering your antique pottery, vintage glass, pitcher glass, pattern glass, silver glass, and any other items in your house that needs restoration. Note the materials used by the glass repair studio you choose and purchase some of these items to learn how to use them yourself.

Glass repair can also be considered a business. It is a very rare skill and once you've gained a little bit of experience, this may be the business  for you. You can also tutor others until they become skillful. Leave them on their own once they have the skill. You are there to supervise their work and to be responsible for all that your staff has repaired. In just a few months, your business will prosper. There is always an endless list of what you can repair.


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