Bedroom Makeover 101: How To Breathe New Life Into Your Bedroom

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Whether you live in an apartment, home, townhouse, or condo, there's always one thing that can be a healthy shift to your day-to-day - a bedroom makeover!

Maybe you've noticed that, after a few years of the same setup, it's time to change things up and give the bedroom a new feel.

Perhaps you've just moved into a new place and aren't overly fond of the current bedroom layout. 

Whatever the case might be, a bedroom makeover can be just the thing to get you excited about your bedroom again. Here are several pointers on how to create a new layout that fits your needs.

1. Assess The Current Situation

So you're not thrilled with the current way that your bedroom is set up, but that doesn't mean you have to tear it apart limb from limb. In fact, odds are that there are a lot of things you could use well in the new layout.

So, before anything else, take a step back and assess the bedroom for what it currently is.

What do you enjoy about the bedroom? What do you think you'll want to keep? Are there any additions that immediately come to mind as pieces you'd like to add? If not, then bedroom furniture is always a great place to start.

Which aspects of your room could use an upgrade? Is the paint in desperate need of a new color? Are the patterns in your room organized or scatterbrain? 

All of these things can play an important role in how you want to carry out your mission for your bedroom makeover.

2. Set A Budget

No home remodeling or makeover project was ever successfully completed without a proper budget

After all, you want to set yourself up with a new look in your bedroom, for sure. But you don't want to compromise your bank account for other ventures in the process.

Now that you've assessed your current bedroom and listed out some goals, it's time to place dollar signs to those goals. 

For example, you've made the decision that you're in desperate need of a new dresser for the room. Do some research at furniture factories you're interested in purchasing from to see how much your optimal dresser is going for.

From there, figure out a price range that will grant you a high-quality dresser without breaking the bank to do so. That way, you'll feel comfortable and confident with all of your makeover purchases.

3. Choose The Right Paint Color

Seriously, can it even be titled a "bedroom makeover" without redoing the paint color on your walls? You want the room to look as new as its layout is.

Painting your walls a new color will stop anyone from asking the dreaded question of "did you do something different to your room?" They'll know the answer!

Now the question becomes, how do you choose the right paint color? How will you find a color that's relaxing, yet vibrant? How can you assure yourself that you won't get tired of the color over time?

A simple rule of thumb from the goddess of interior design herself, Ann Lowengart, is to "choose a paint color that you would wear." Great advice, right?!

It's perfect because it encourages you to choose a color that looks great on you. You will find the paint color to be inviting and comfortable, something you're drawn to on a daily basis.

While it may make it more difficult for you to leave your bedroom each morning, the optimal paint color will be a tremendous help to your bedroom makeover. 

4. Use the 60-30-10 Rule For Color Theme

When someone asks you what your favorite color is, do you have two or three that are always tied for first? Good news! If they're colors that could pair well together, you can use them all in your new room.

Experts encourage the use of several colors but caution to do so in an organized fashion.

For that very reason, they've come up with what is called a 60-30-10 rule. It allows you to choose three colors, prioritize them accordingly, and achieve an organized tone to your room simultaneously.

So, the rules are simple. You pick three colors, then allow yourself to use one color in 60-percent of the room, one in 30-percent, and one in 10-percent.

It's a great way to naturally optimize contrast and maintain an organization to the room that all of your friends and family members will admire.

5. Texture Plays A Vital Part

Here's one feature that you won't often hear prioritized in home remodeling of any sort: the feel. 

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the texture of your new additions is a great way to spice up the makeover initiative.

Having a furry rug placed on your floor can add a level of pizazz and personalization that color and shape can't match. 

More importantly, you need a piece or two where you can see that the product feels different. Don't let this opportunity escape you, having a fuzzy lampshade with a negative color can add just the right amount of spontaneity to your new bedroom.

Begin Your Bedroom Makeover Process Today!

Now that you've seen all the wonderful aspects to consider on your bedroom makeover, what the heck are you waiting for?!

It's time to start considering all the different ways you could spice up your bedroom and make it something entirely unique to you and your spouse.

To get things going, sit down together and write out a few features you both would like to consider adding into the new design.

Be sure to browse our site for other home remodeling tips and tricks, as well as other topics on the subject as well.


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