How To Find the Best Steam Shower Brands

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Wow, who wouldn’t want to enjoy a steam bath and shower after a long hard day at work? Aside from its obvious purposes of cleaning your body and letting your muscles relax, other benefits may include improvement of blood circulation and even boosting the immune system. Steam showers include steam generators where the heat that generates the steam comes from, a steam head from where the steam exudes, shower panels, and shower enclosures, which make sure the steam stays trapped inside the shower (thereby making your shower a steam room).

If you want to let your body enjoy sauna steam by having your very own steam shower at home, you should be sure to purchase a reliable and trusted brand to ensure that you get the best value for your money. So what are the best steam shower brands in the market anyway? Read on to find out more:

  1. Kohler. Kohler carries different products that address virtually all your bathroom needs. In relation to bath steam showers, you could order different models of steam generators ranging from about $1,500 to about $4,900. There are also available shower panels that would suit your available bathroom space and shape. Visit their website at for more information on their products and installation.
  2. Ariel. This is another popular brand that specializes in luxury steam showers with highly advanced features. Choose from its available steam shower unit models, such as glass enclosure units in different sizes with prices ranging from about $1,800 to a little over $2,900, and with high tech features such as steam generators with digital timers, massage jets (which you can control to target specific muscle areas) and computerized LCD control panel. Some enclosure units also enable you to receive phone calls and listen to your iPod or MP3 system. It also offers shower enclosure units that have separate cabins for its steam room and sauna room.
  3. Royal. Royal is another luxury steam shower brand that boasts of versatility and high technology. This brand line offers different dimensions and sizes, including combo units that measure 59x59x88 inches and which come complete with such features as a steam box that lets you insert oils such as lemon and eucalyptus to enhance your shower experience; a bath tub; dry/wet steam sauna and 24 body jets that could target specific muscle areas.
  4. Search via shopping sites. Your hunt for the perfect steam shower for your needs may be made easier if you visit shopping sites that would let you do easy comparison shopping among different brands. You could narrow down your search by price range, brand, and seller or by popularity. Such sites include and
  5. Look up user reviews. There are useful sites that would help you compare different brands of steam showers through professional and user reviews. These websites typically specialize in providing steam shower information. Check out highly useful sites including and

These are just five of the pointers that could help you get started with your search for the best steam shower brand for you. After all the toiling you do at work, definitely your body deserves the ultimate relaxation experience.


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