Building a Gazebo

Gazebos are an integral part of any garden, allowing for moments of quiet relaxation and availing the much required peace of mind. There is nothing quite like being able to sit in solitude or with loved ones in a gazebo while looking around at all the surrounding natural beauty. In this article we teach you how to build a gazebo for your own personal garden.

Before building a gazebo you need to purchase a kit. These kits include all the basic materials and tools that are required to build a gazebo and they very often also carry a structural plan with instruction on how to go about the building process. The basic materials required for building a gazebo include Screws, Chop saw, Building blocks, Cables, Staples, Fiberglass, Framing squares and anchors.

  1. The first step is to choose a design for the gazebo. This depends on the general structure you have in mind. Choosing a circular shape involves slightly more work than the standard rectangular form.
  2. The next step is the layout. This involves determining the central point of the entire structure, fixing a stake and a string on that spot to mark it. Foundation holes have to be dug and posts needs to be fixed in them. The next step is that of Framing. The posts are connected to hangers that form the brace of the structure. It is important to ensure that all the joists attached are in a single plane.
  3. Next, floor decking is placed. The columns need to be attached to the decking and foundation points. After that the roof frame is attached. Cross braces are used to complete the roof frame. The key block of the roof and the column top need to be nailed together.
  4. The final step involves fixing the railings and the roof. Ready-made railings come in standard sizes and can help to save both time and effort. Asphalt shingles, roofing paper and plywood are needed to cut out the roof of the gazebo. As this step involves measuring out dimensions, it is important to maintain great precision all through. Measuring tape is integral to the process. Cutting and nailing the plywood and the roofing paper is the final step.

While building and fixing up your own gazebo involves a lot of hard work and dedication, the entire process is definitely worth the effort as the pleasure of being able to enjoy the vista is increased manifold.


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