Buy a Combined Drill and Screwdriver Set

Nowadays, being knowledgeable about doing your own repairs and maintenance around your home is a great skill to have. This will definitely save you big bucks that you’d rather spend for more important things. A convenient tool to have as a handyman is a combined drill and screwdriver set. So if you’re looking to find out how and where to find one, here are some guidelines that may be helpful for you:

Know the different components of the tool set and what to look out for

Typically, a combined drill and screwdriver set includes different drill bits to allow you to drill into metal and wood; different screwdriving bits; hand tools; socket wrenches and adapter and a molded carry case custom-made to carry each tool. Some brands carry accessories such as a magnetic holder, pliers, hammer, measuring tape, and depth stops.

You could choose a set with power tools that runs on batteries so you don't have to worry about electrical extension cords. Your set should have an accompanying battery charger, in this case. Also, test the power tools to see if they are designed to best fit the shape of the human hand (“ergonomically-designed”); that it is shock-proof and lightweight, and that is has a powerful motor to ensure a fast and comfortable repair job. It should also allow you to change torque settings (normally 1 – 7) that allows you to customize your job.

A word about the bits—they should vary largely in their sizes and the material (wood, plastic, steel, etc) they are used for. Different brands of automotive tools carry different numbers of drill bits. When brands post the number of tools that their tool set carries, that number refers not just to the bits but also to all the parts and accessories included in the set. Test to see if the bits are easy to replace and position in the power tools.

Other things you could look out for include the power consumption (ask the sales attendant how much wattage it requires; if it’s too high then it won’t be that cost-efficient). For added security on the set’s reliability and efficiency, check its ISO rating.

Know the different brands you can choose from

There are many popular brands of power tools sets, including Hitachi, Black and Decker, Makita, Bosch, Dewalt and Stanley. Stanley is known mostly because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other brands. Bosch offers a wide range of combined drills and screwdriver sets. Some of its models range from 19 tool pieces (total) to a 200-piece set. If you already own power tools but just need bits and replacement parts, know that you could definitely save money by simply purchasing the bits and parts that you need. Makita, for one, offers such an option, such as its 8-piece power screwdriver bit set that you can purchase for about $18.

Buy online

The best way to go is to do comparison shopping online through such specialized websites as,, and Of course, you could always go check out and

There you have it! Remember, once you invest in the right tools for you, doing minor repairs around the house won’t just be a smart way for you to save, but to enjoy as well. Who knows, this could just be the start of a new hobby for you! Have fun.


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