How To Buy Deer Off

Have you noticed your landscaping is being gnawed away by deer, rabbit, or squirrel? I had this problem and decided I needed to save my garden. I found a product called “Deer Off”.

This product will repel these furry friends from my garden. Although the title is “Deer Off”, it works on squirrels and rabbits too. It repels them by smell and taste. It is a non-poisonous food based formula created to save your gardens from the grazing of deer and other animals.

The first thing you should do is calculate how large of an area you want to cover. You can buy the product in several sizes and forms. If a smaller area I would suggest the concentrated version. You simply mix with water measuring according to the directions on the labeled guide.

Then you apply it to the affected area, or soil. This version is great if your troubles lie with underground burrowers. If there are a few target areas to cover there is also a spray bottle. Simple, you just spray it to the areas. If you have much area to cover the Deer Off is also available in a gallon jug with a spray attachment. I would suggest price comparing between vendors before you decide where to purchase this product. Many vendor carry Deer Off or an equivalent. The prices vary $17.00-$140.00. This will depend on the brand and on the size of the container. Don’t let this scare you. You can purchase an environmentally safe form of Deer Off for just $9.50. This bottle will cover 250 square feet. That will cover allot of ground. I really would only suggest the larger sizes for farmers. There are in fact some websites that offer wholesale pricing on Deer Off. For example, you can purchase wholesale at

There is also a product called “liquid Fence”. This product is close in price and will work the same way. It too is an all natural product. However, Deer Off seems to be the #1 choice among consumers. Also check locally at suppliers near you because the shipping cost can really affect the final cost to you. This is a product you can use year round. After all, the deer are most hungry in the winter. Spring and summer the deer have a grazing free for all, in your garden.

Fall the deer are looking for there favorite sweet, apples that are ripening. Deer Off is a no frost solution. This means you don’t have to worry that it will freeze if you use it in the colder times of the year.


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