How To Get Cheap Deals on Pelican Cases

A pelican case is a bag made from molded plastic. It is tightly sealed to become water and air pressure resistant. This technology has passed the US military, NATO, IEC and ATA standards. These standards assure excellence in producing waterproof cases, stacked, impact and durable equipment cases. 

A pelican case should pass the waterproofing standard called MIL-STD C4150-J. It also needs to pass the sealing test against water and dust called IEC IP67. Finally, ATA 300 tests the durability of the case in shipping. Through these tests, a pelican case can be used for a very long time. They can protect better than the plastic cases and aluminum cases used most often today. An example of this is a storm case. It is a container used as a shield case for photography, scuba diving, military, law enforcement, public safety and outdoor equipment.  

Pelican cases come in different kinds depending on their intended use. The military uses pelican cases for their weapons like rifle, pistols and guns. They have cases for samples or evidence. Computers, laptops and other delicate electronic gadgets used by the military are also secured with these cases. They also have cases for medical and first aid tools, auto and aircraft parts, deployment and security cases. In communication, cases are used to protect the lenses, power racks, cameras and video equipment, lighting equipment and audio and film set up tools. In medicine, cases are also used for EMS work, samples and demo, instrumentation, imaging equipment and audio and video equipment.

Pelican cases serve different large scale industries like Aerospace, broadcast and communications, consumer products, medical and pharmaceuticals, military and government agencies, sales and marketing and trade industries.

There are many stores around the globe that sell pelican cases. One of these is the Pelican store. It is managed by PR Case Incorporated. It is considered to be one of the biggest authorized stocking distributors of pelican cases. It started to sell pelican cases in 1996. You can browse the Internet to get more information about this company. They have stores around the world, including Canada.

A person may need a large amount of money to purchase one pelican case. But there are lots of stores that offer cheaper deals on pelican cases. Here are some stores that offer cheaper deals for pelican cases.

  • Pelican Store offers discounts for a 1750 pelican waterproof rifle gun case travel vault protector with transport wheels for less than $200. It also has cheap deals for an original padded 1665 divider set kit for around $150. They have over 1660 pelican cases.
  • The website offers cheap deals for Pelican cases. They have pelican cases that cost as little as $15.
  • The Carry It Cases store offers $65 for a pelican iPod case.
  • The website provides a 20% discount for a pelican Secure Digital Memory Card Case. 

There are still lots of cheaper deals on the Internet for those who are interested to purchase a pelican case. With the use of a pelican case, you can be assured that your equipment is safe and secure. From small electronic devices to heavy medical tools, pelican cases are your greatest storage equipment.


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