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There is nothing more satisfying than having a beautiful lawn enchanting your view. But it won't be that way unless you invest in a good lawn mower to do the job. Choosing the right lawn mower is such an easy task that the only thing you need to worry about is who will do the mowing.

Since you may be surprised with the vast number of available lawn mowers in the market, doing ample research about which type of mower fits your needs is critical. This will also be a good time to get to know your backyard more, as choosing the type of mower depends on that. These are factors that you need to think about before heading straight to the store:

  1. Consider the size of your lawn. Since there are different types of lawn mowers to choose from, you may be tempted to choose a flashy ride-on mower since it's definitely more convenient to use. If you have a very small yard, such a lawn mower is not advisable. Likewise, a big backyard would take forever to mow if you choose the basic reel mower that is designed for small-sized lawns.
  2. Check your lawn for slopes and other obstacles. Some lawn mowers are made for steep uphill or sloping lawns while some others are just for leveled yards. Walk around your lawn to know its nature and this will help you a lot in determining your new mowing machine.
  3. Identify your grass type. Since mowers use blades to cut the grass, making sure that your mower can cut it well is also a good thing to take a note of.
  4. Decide on speed in terms of horsepower. The basic ones usually have 10 horsepower while the ride-on types have 18 horsepower. Ask yourself if you're planning to mow your lawn or race with it. Seriously, don't go with unnecessary speeds if it really doesn't matter.
  5. Respect your neighbor. Your neighborhood deserves a quiet environment. Is your community usually unaffected by engine noise? Or is it allergic to it? Choosing the types of lawn mowers that have reduced engine noise can save you from being given a community citation for noise pollution. Generally, electric lawn mower types are quiet to operate.
  6. Consider the maintenance of the lawn mower. As with any other mechanical equipment, lawn mowers need to have their oil changed, air filters cleaned and spark plugs checked every so often. Choose a lawn mower type that fits your maintenance schedule.
  7. Know your budget. This is almost a no-brainer but there are sellers who make you choose their "best-seller" even if that model isn't really the type for your lawn. Stick to the budget plan and only consider the lawn mower types that can do the job without sacrificing much.

Some people see lawn mowing as another household chore. With your new lawn mower, it has to be seen as a fun way to make your yard clean and green.


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