Coffee Tables: Contemporary and Antique Designs

Coffee tables are used to have a space to unwind, relax, and have a conversation with family and friends or are simply used for quiet time! Since a lot of time is spent by people at a coffee table, serious thought is given to the style and design of the table.

Like sofa tables, side tables, glass tables, console tables, dining tables, and kitchen tables found in the market, coffee tables have a variety of designer styles and designs to choose from that can easily be matched to suit your taste. Coffee tables can have wood, wrought iron, glass, or even marble accents. The right choice can transform a space to have a focal point with all sorts of features and finishes. Even with rich looking interiors that do not have matching sets, a coffee table can complement other furniture. A classic round table with rich and dark coffee hue can be used to contrast with the pastel and beige shades in a room.

Classic coffee table designs usually have a traditional wood finish, with a classic round edged replete design and stylish legs. For antique-looking heirloom furniture the table would have ornate designs and detailed carvings. For a traditional Italian look, the coffee table would have carved edges. Most people prefer coffee tables that have a mix of classic styles and contemporary designs. There are design combinations with fine antique wood like mahogany and oak combined with modern glass and crystals. The wood used is usually very durable and rugged, is fire and weather resistant and can last for years. Even glass topped coffee tables are made to be pressure and stress resistant.

The choice of the shape and size of the coffee table depends on the room and space you intend to place the table in the house. An oval shaped coffee table can be used in a large room that is wide and long, and can be decorated with flower accents. A classic Italian slim design with stylish legs can add a certain Italian look and feel to a room. If the table has an underside, it can be used as a place to keep memorabilia or an ashtray.

There are also coffee tables available in rustic Korean rice chest designs or Japanese heating table contemporary versions inspired by classic centerpieces in traditional Asian homes. These contemporary pieces have clean designs and simple lines that bring out the natural wood grains. Solid Gingko or Elm woods are usually used and are available in different stains.

To achieve a look of style, elegance and grace, brighten up a room with a coffee table in a designer contemporary or antique design. The coffee table should be both practical and stylish and can be made the conversational piece of a room.

When looking for coffee table styles and designs, look at shops that also offer sofa tables, side tables, glass tables, console tables, dining tables, and kitchen tables. These suppliers would also have quality coffee tables to choose from.


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