How To Get Design Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom

Understanding any mode of design is simpler if you have a few design classes under your belt.  If you're interested in learning more about design than we can cover in the scope of this article, think about enrolling in an online arts school.

With a lot of different designs coming out, it is easy to confuse what contemporary design means. Contemporary means that it is something that goes with its time. As the word implies, the design we are looking for is the present-day style of interior design. To create the contemporary atmosphere that you have chosen for your kitchen and bathroom, here are some factors that you will have to consider.

  1. Simplicity. The current style is all about simplicity. The less clutter is in your kitchen, the more breathable it seems and not to mention neat. Even if the space is small, it will give the impression that it is bigger than it really is. The same goes for the bathroom. If you want a potted plant in there, but there’s no space, then consider putting it maybe by the hallway instead. Less is more for the contemporary, and in this same light, it is easier to keep things tidy.
  2. Color. Coincidentally, this style is focused on the use of neutral colors like beige, cream or white, which goes with the overall simplicity. But it doesn’t mean that contemporary design is dull. Splashes of colors can brighten up your bathroom or kitchen, but keep it simple. Being too loud with your color ruins the effect. In the same respect, these colors contribute to the impression of cleanliness of these two areas that are frequented by household occupants and visitors alike.
  3. Texture. As a partner of color, combining textures, like using wood for the kitchen table and cabinets, adds depth to the room. Experiment with the shades of wood, like having the countertop a bit cream and the cabinets and table a dark shade of brown. The same applies for the bathroom. Be consistent with the effect that you wish to bring out.
  4. Metal. This is also one of the prominent factors that you can see in most contemporary interior designs, with tables and bathroom fixtures giving the impression of an urban, sleek finish. It adds to the impression that the kitchen or bathroom is firm and sturdy and able to withstand constant use. It adds a bit of flavor and decoration to the design. If you’re not into too much metal, then minimal is fine, so long as it fits your taste.
  5. Lighting. This is one of the most vital factors you need to consider when designing your bathroom and kitchen in this style. Remember that they must look simple and clean. Lighting can make these rooms bright and welcoming for anyone who comes in. If there are not enough windows in the kitchen, you can add a mirror on the wall opposite the window. It not only adds the illusion of space, but it also adds brightness. It’s easier and cheaper than breaking down a portion of your wall for that extra sunlight.

Some say that it is more complicated than it seems, and maybe it is. Look up pictures of contemporary designs to get a feel of the kind of design that you would like for your own home, keeping in mind the factors that have been mentioned in this article.  Take a couple of online courses in design so you can get a deeper understanding of your options. Try to experiment, applying the design if you can. And if you are determined to have a full interior design for your kitchen and bathroom, there are firms of interior designers who can assist you. If you can find the ones who can deliver the taste that you would like to be incorporated in your home, show them a picture of your home and they might even have extra ideas on how to make your home the best it can be.


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