Cover All Your Bases with This Complete Kitchen Renovation Checklist

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Contractors recommend remodeling your kitchen every 10 to 15 years. If you're not sure what you should do, using a simple kitchen renovation checklist can be exactly what you need.

Continue reading to learn what to do when you're renovating your kitchen.

Demo & Dispose

Before you get your dream kitchen -- you have to wreck it. Anything you don't want in the kitchen either needs to be taken out whole or demolished and removed. Grab your sledgehammers and get to work.

Make sure to wear safety gear when doing your demo work.

Repair the Structure As Needed

After you've taken sledgehammers to the kitchen, there will be some structural damage. Repair any holes you see or any other damage before you start trying to put anything new in the space.

Review the Electric & Mechanical Systems

When you're doing upgrades to the kitchen, it's likely the new lights you want will need new wiring or that the kitchen needs to be rewired.

Before you move forward, check to see if there are any new lights you want to add. Now is the best time to add anything new you want. If you wait until later -- it can become a problem.

Check the Plumbing

Before doing anything else in your kitchen, have a licensed plumber look over the plumbing and help with anything new you need to have done. You have a lot of plumbing in the kitchen because of the sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. 

Put in the Cabinets & Counters

Now it's time for the kitchen to start coming together. Putting in your cabinets and counters will make a major difference in the kitchen. Some people choose to put in ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, and others choose to have them built onsite.

There are a lot of options for counters, and depending on whether you want something like laminate or granite, there is a major price difference.

Install Flooring & Backsplash

Your flooring and backsplash will help the kitchen come together. Many people like doing subway tile or another type of tile for the backsplash, but others opt for things like recycled glass. There are plenty of backsplash options to fit your taste.

Hardwood is very popular in kitchens now, but tile is also a good option for the floor.

Put Appliances In Place

Now that everything else is done, it's time to put your appliances in place. Make sure all power and water hookups are in place and gas lines if applicable.

You may need to assemble some of your appliances, so make sure to have them ready to go when your contractor is done with the other parts of the project.

Using a Kitchen Renovation Checklist

Now you know more about using a kitchen renovation checklist. You'll be able to stay on track and get everything done without forgetting important things.

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