Creating Focal Points with Wall Crosses

Wall crosses make a personal statement about your faith, your style, or your personality. You can find these accents in various styles and sizes and fit them in any room in your house. A wall cross is not limited to a living room or den; you can also use this accessory in a bedroom, dining room, or any other space.

Step 1

A Foyer Focal Point

The foyer or entryway is the perfect spot for a wall cross because visitors notice it as soon as they come in, and you get to see it every time you leave and come home. In order to create a cohesive theme, you need to use pieces with a common element. If you are looking to create a vertical arrangement then try pairing a cross with a pair of candle scones made of the same material. You can also place the wall cross over a shelf with figurines, pieces of pottery, or a flower arrangement. You can find accessories to suit any style room from country to Old World to contemporary. If you want to go with a religious theme, then create a scene with figurines, such as the ark or a nativity scene. You can also place a framed text of a prayer or a favorite religious painting.

Step 2

Creating a Hallway Centerpiece

Many people showcase photos and mementos in a hallway, but you can also add other artistic elements like a wall cross. In order to create a finished look, coordinate the color and make of the picture frames with the finish and style of the cross. You can also find other accessories, such as paintings, wall plaques, and framed prints at a religious themed store near you.

A wall cross does not protrude, so it is perfect for a narrow hallway. If you want to create a display, then group a number of crosses that are similar. Try to create a theme. Although the crosses should not be identical, they should have something in common. For example, use only crosses made from wrought iron in a variety of styles or paint crosses made of different materials the same color. Additionally, if you love to travel, build a collection from the places you have been or from one particular region. Placing framed photos from your travels or paintings that you acquired on your trips makes a great memento to remember your travels by.

Step 3

A Versatile Accessory

Consider a wall cross when you need a focal point for any spot in your home whether it is in the bedroom, library, or in a hallway. While you can use a large cross by itself for a centerpiece, you can also combine it with a number of other elements. What accessories will work depends on what material the cross is made of and what style it is done in. For example, a cross in chrome with clean lines will not match country accessories.

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