Creative Ideas for Decorating an Open Dining Room Hutch

When you think of a dining room hutch, you probably picture your grandmother’s old one that was in the corner and housed just about every dish that was ever in your family tree. You also probably never thought much about it, except that maybe you certainly wouldn’t have it in your home.

Well, you can now think of dining room hutches in the same way you think of bookcases – you can choose to leave them open and use them to display beautiful heirlooms or to show off your talents at decorating.

Step 1

Debunking the Myths

Not all dining room hutches are formal and sophisticated. You don’t have to use it to display your fine china, or your great grandmother’s set of bowls. Although this is what you are probably used to seeing in dining room hutches, there are other alternatives to hutches. Hutches can actually be used to display just about anything you can think of.

Some display choices for hutches include: family pictures in frames, artwork, kitchen items, or items from traveling.  In addition, the trend of putting dining room hutches actually in a dining room can also been altered. You don’t have to place a hutch only in a dining room. Another option would be in a large kitchen, the family room, living room, or even a bathroom. If the idea of putting a hutch in a bathroom sounds odd or out of place, then think of it as an alternative to a storage closet or overhead cupboard. You could use a hutch in a bathroom to store and display your bathroom décor, or store your spare towels for guests.

Step 2

Starting Point

If you’d like to show off your decorating skills with your hutch, then make it your own by personalization. First, you should know what style you would like to display in your decorating. Do you want to display a more country style, or urban contemporary? Do you want your hutch to be open or closed, painted your favorite color or the same color as the room? Add your own creative touches to the hutch to make it just that: your own.

Step 3


If you don’t want your hutch to look like it has way too many things displayed in it, here are some helpful tips we’d like to point out:

1.    Pick a theme – you don’t want to go in ten different directions when decorating your hutch. Choose something and stick to it. It could be something that brings the whole room together, or that draws in all of the colors throughout the rest of your home. A theme can be color or the subject of the items displayed in the hutch.

Another thing to consider when choosing a theme is a pattern. You may choose a busy one or a basic one, one with large or small shapes, an overlapping pattern or a single large graphic design.

Theme can also be tied to the material of the items in your hutch. All of your items could be of a white porcelain material, or all of it could be glass, or brass or silver, etc.

2.    Style – When choosing a style, this relates to the theme you’ve chosen as well. A country or rustic theme may contain only hand-made items, while an exotic or eclectic theme can feature items purchased while traveling around the world.

3.    Your Layout – Once you’ve chosen your theme and style, now you’re ready to actually display your items. Balance is very important; offset large pieces by several smaller ones. Create a formal arrangement where each piece is symmetrically arranged, or you can create a more casual asymmetrical arrangement, which takes a little more creativity in design. Just move pieces around until you find an arrangement that suits your artistic side.

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