How To Design a Custom Closet Organizer

There are many types of closet designs that you can choose from, which is important given the different tastes of people who live in one household. You can base a design solely to match other furniture and accessories you already own or design something unique to you. To customize your own closet organizer, here are a few things you have to keep in mind.

  1. Make an inventory. The design you choose will depend on how many items you currently have in your closet. You'd be surprised at how many items you have that you no longer use and this inventory will help identify them. This is a good opportunity to give away or sell clothing and accessories you no longer wear or use. Whatever you don't currently need, like winter gear that won't be worn for a few months, can be kept in air tight bags or boxes to keep away bugs. Knowing what the majority of your items are will determine how many hangers, drawers or hooks you should have inside the closet.
  2. Accessibility. If you are making a closet organizer for a child's room, make sure that every part of the closet is accessible to the child, and will suit the child's taste. It will take a bit of time, but you have to keep the child's interest in mind to come up with the proper closet system. At the same time, it can teach the child to remember where everything should be placed every time he uses something. If it is for you, then make sure that it will be practical for you and make space in case you want to add something new. Having an accessible closet organizer makes the difference between a frustration of an unimaginable mess and an easy rush in the morning.
  3. Creativity. A part of making anything or designing something is having fun with it. Before you start dismantling anything, make sure that you have the right plans to go with everything that is listed in your inventory. Do not be afraid to remove existing bars or hooks because you can always fill it up with Spackle or paint over it with your new design. If you have space for a mirror inside your closet organizer, then have one installed if it suits your needs.
  4. Practicality. Whether it is a Rubbermaid closet or a closet storage system, you have to remember that the custom closet that you are making should fit your needs, meaning that all your easily wrinkled clothes should fit the closet without getting wrinkled, or your long coats or dresses will not touch the floor of your closet. The width and height of your closet should therefore match each type of clothing or article of clothing that you have. Custom closets are suggested for you to have the best use among the different systems presented.

These are only some ideas on how you can design your custom closet organizer, but there are more to tinker with and to check out on the Lowe's website at These are merely suggestions so you can make that perfect organizer for your household. Remember to always keep in mind the organization it will provide for you or your family and have fun creating it.


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