Don't Sit On the Floor: How To Furnish Your First House?

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Congrats on moving into your first home! There are many new responsibilities and tasks that must be undertaken as you settle in, but let's talk about the fun one; furnishing!

Furnishing a new home can be quite expensive. The average person spends over $8,000 on furnishing a new home. But you are a bit savvier than the average person and plan to do it your way for an end result that you'll be happy with for a long time.

So read on and take our tips into consideration as you learn how to furnish your new home.

Assess Current Inventory

First, take stock of what you already own. If you are combining households with your significant other, take an inventory of what both of you have. Start with the big items like a couch, bed, and dining table, and determine if they still fit your lifestyle. Once you know what to keep and what to discard, you'll have a direction for furnishing your new home.

Acquire What You Can... At First

Wouldn't we all love to fill our home with high-end, Pinterest-worthy pieces?

Before you rack up a credit card debt, acquire hand-me-downs from family or friends. For some mysterious reason, as soon as they learn you are moving your people will jump at the opportunity to offload their old furniture.

Even if it's not your style, accept this act of kindness to buy yourself some time in order to save up for those dream pieces. Before you know it, you'll have replaced your best friend's grandma's crumb-filled couch with one you are truly happy with. 

Prioritize Big Purchases

It might be nice to buy everything all at once, but most of us can't afford to do that. Prioritize your purchases by what you are going to use most often, or by what is in need of replacing first.

It might be time to replace your mattress if its the same one you've had since college. Or maybe you're okay with that for a while and love hosting dinner parties. Do you plan to have a housewarming party as soon as you move in? Then you should consider a new dining set first.

It's perfectly fine to furnish a house piece by piece in an order that is important to you.

Establish Your Style

Having the opportunity to furnish a new home is an opportunity to find and express your personal style. Apps like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent sources of inspiration, and now is your time to get creative with your space.

Are you inspired by mid-century design and plan on kicking back in the classic Tulip Chair? Or are your refined tastes going to lead you to a Victorian hand-tufted upholstered velvet sofa? 

Your new home is a blank canvas and you are holding the paintbrush. 

Furnish Frenzy

Taking the time to furnish your new home is a fun and rewarding experience. Remember to prioritize big purchases in order to not break the bank, and express yourself by bringing pieces into your home that bring you joy.

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