How To Choose Door Panel Window Treatments

Door panels can add privacy to your door casements and create a harmonizing look with your window curtains. Door panels are sometimes referred to as door window treatments, and sometimes as door window curtains. Most often door panel treatments are only on bedroom doors. However, there are French door houses, the main doors of which are adorned with window treatments or door curtains.

There are two rod pockets in a door panel. Its top and bottom parts are equipped with rod pockets to create a perfect fit for the door window treatment. This is applicable not only to French doors, but for all types of doors.

Lengths and sizes of door panel treatments.
Door panel treatments are available in different lengths. Semi-custom curtains may be ordered in different lengths. Products are offered online in the most popular sizes sought after in the window treatments marketplace today. With the exception of a few styles, most curtains available on the web may be customized. Odd sizes and lengths are accomplished because shipment comes directly from manufacturers. Customization is made according to the specifications provided by clients.

Customized lengths and sizes of door panel window treatments are still very affordable. Prices include a minimal customization fee. The unique selection of decorating accessories and home furnishings coordinate with the wide selection of window treatments. Any home decorating accessories you may already have can always be matched up with the selection of affordable customized door panel window treatments.

Panel door treatments may be difficult to fit in French doors because of the following:

  • the door shape
  • the door handle position
  • light control

To suit the clients’ privacy needs, shop owners and manufacturers offer the following suggestions:

  1. Choose a window treatment that is not too deep so it will not interfere with the blinds.
  2. Hang a wood blind or soft shade close against the door so that the decorative handle will not interfere in the operation.
  3. Allow a roller shade to hang flush against the door.

Uses of door panel treatments. Online shops offer window treatments with colors and fabrics perfectly matching each other. Contemporary and traditional decors is always available to give that special touch when displayed in your room.

The purpose of using a door window treatment, especially in a French door, is privacy. Everyone needs privacy and inside one’s own room, you are at peace. However, remember the design should not be able to get tangled with the door handle as this will become a daily annoyance.

Buying window treatments or door window shades online is easy and saves you money. Before visiting an online shop, you must already have in mind the type and style of curtains that you want. Consider also your window curtains. It is a good idea to coordinate them with the door panel treatments that you are buying. Take into account the usefulness of the treatments. Do not forget the affordability.


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