Filling Empty Corners

You may think that as long as you purchase the right pieces you are set, but a bad arrangement can ruin the effect. One of the worst mistakes that people make is lining their pieces along the walls as if making room to play Twister. Despite what you think, this arrangement does not make the room look spacious. Instead, it looks awkward and makes it difficult to move around the room. When you arrange furniture in the center of the room, you can layer various pieces by putting smaller pieces near larger ones. Not only does this make it easier to circulate around the room, but it also creates depth because the eye moves from piece to piece. Although this makes the room look better, there is still the problem of empty spaces in the corners of the room, so what do you do there?

Step 1

Layering Pedestals
One way to deal with empty spaces is by using a pedestal behind a couch. Not only does this technique make a corner more interesting, but it also adds depth to the room. Pedestals are made from almost any material including wood, granite, marble, and metal, so you can find the perfect one for your own room. You want the pedestal to stand higher than the couch, otherwise it will be worthless, so pick one that is at least six to twelve inches higher than the piece of furniture it will rest behind. The accessories you can place on a pedestal are endless, and because pedestals are small, they can be used in any size room.

Step 2

Bringing Green Indoors

Plants are beautiful and add a perfect touch to any room. If the room gets good lighting, choose a plant that is easy to take care of, such as a snake plant, fern, or palm. When a room does not get enough sunlight or you do not like taking care of live plants, you can find artificial plants to suit your needs. Today, artificial plants are extremely realistic looking and come in a large variety of styles and sizes. Your plant will also be in the corner, so no one will know that your beautiful plants are plastic. If the plant is too short to be seen behind furniture, place it on a short stool or box draped with fabric.

Step 3

Floor Lamps
Floor lamps not only provide extra lighting, but they also take up empty spaces and act as a stylish accessory. You can find floor lamps in any style whether your room is modern, casual, French country, or primitive and in any color to match your décor. If you do not want a floor lamp, consider putting a small lamp on a little table or console table. You can also add other accessories on a table in order to create a cohesive composition.

Step 4

Side Tables
You can use a table as a stand for lighting, but that is not their only use. Tables are perfect for grouping accessories and can fit in any corner of the room. Vary your arrangement by using different elements such as sculptures, flowers, figurines, vases, favorite books, or any other keepsakes and accents. Tables also provide extra storage for books, games, or anything else.


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