How To Hang a Bathroom Mirror

Perhaps your family is growing and you've added a new bathroom to your home.  Now you want to hang a bathroom mirror.  The good news is that you can hang a bathroom mirror in a very short period of time, if you have a few tools and some know-how.  And asking someone to help in the process will speed up the task considerably.  Also, if possible, hang a bathroom mirror before you set up the vanity.  Being able to get close to the wall simplifies things.

  1. The first thing to do is the get the height of the mirror right.  Hold the mirror to the wall and, with erasable pencil, mark where you want the top to be.  Take into consideration the heights of those who will use it, and also the placement of lighting fixtures above the mirror.
  2. The next step is the tricky one.  You will need to find where to place the screws on which you will hang the mirror's mounting wire.  This is where a buddy's help is great.  Each of you should grasp the mounting wire an equal distance from the center of the wire to the edge of the mirror.  This is where you will place the screws in the wall.  Position the mirror against the wall so that the top is just above the mark you made.  Now, mark the position where your fingers are grasping the wire.
  3. Put the mirror down, and pick up a level, if you have one.  Hold the level to the two marks you made, and adjust one of the marks up or down, if needed.  The mounting wire hanging level will mean the mirror hangs level.  If you do not have a level, get something really straight, like a yard stick, and "eyeball" the two marks.  Since the mirror hangs freely on the wire, it can be slightly adjusted to be level after hanging.
  4. Now, drill holes in the wall where you've marked them.  If you have a stud finder, you may want to use it to find two studs, and adjust where you place the holes accordingly.  If you hit studs, simply install the mounting screws into them.  If you cannot use studs, it is imperative that you place plastic anchors into the holes, to support the mounting screws.  When the screws are secure, up goes the mirror. 

This is the best way to hang a mirror with a mounting wire attached to the back.


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