How To Get Home Lighting Designs and Ideas

Your home is where you spend most of your time. You build your dreams and collect memories in it. It speaks of your personality. The furniture and fixtures you put into it depend on your taste, the style you want, the design you prefer, ideas you got from magazines, and houses you’ve seen. The furniture you put in your home should serve the purpose you have intended for it. For instance in the bedroom, you have to find a bed that is to your liking. Every piece of furniture and fixture should serve its purpose.

One appliance you should really take into consideration is your home lighting fixture. Every house should be properly lighted. Your lighting plan for the main areas in your house should include how you will incorporate the use of background lighting, under counter lighting and spot lighting to mesh with your personal style, needs and ideas.  When selecting the home lighting fixtures you should use, take into consideration the area of the room, how bright you want the area to be, and the overall appearance of the area after the fixtures have been installed. There are many designs and ideas of installing home lighting fixtures depending on the area they will be placed in.

  • Recessed lighting is often used in areas that need discreet yet functional lighting. Often this type of lighting fixture is found in the kitchen, bathroom, in working areas, in the pool area, a reading area and at times in walk in closets. These fixtures are concealed into the ceiling with no dangling wires, bulbs and switches.
  • Pendant lighting is used to give an accent to some areas because of their color and style. This type of lighting is often used in the dining room, breakfast nook, over countertops in the bathroom, for a living room, library, foyer, bedroom, over pieces of art work, in family entertainment rooms, and hallways. Pendant lighting comes in metal finishes with colored, textured, fabric or special paper shades. You could play around with the numerous designs available depending on the effects you would like to achieve.

Next to look into is lighting your bathroom. In putting lighting fixtures in your bathroom, you should always make sure that you do not create shadows in any areas. All bathroom lighting should include a general lighting that is used to see your overall appearance, frontal lighting that you use to put on your makeup, and closet lighting used to help you see the line of clothes you have. The bathroom lighting is rather important as it helps you create the look you would like to have for a particular day.

If you want to give emphasis to some of the architectural details of your house then use track lighting. It is mounted in the wall or ceiling through a track made of a metal rod or plastic where the wires run through.

Lastly if you want to add a little drama to your walls, an accent to your fireplace, or spotlight a portrait or artwork you could install wall lighting.   It brightens up the portion of the wall where it is mounted.

Lighting your home takes as much effort as furnishing it. You have to carefully choose the lighting fixture that will blend style with function. It’s not just lighting your home, it’s also achieving the effects that you would like to have.


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