How a Deep Water Well Works

Well water is necessary to those who live in an area where unrestricted water structure is available. To obtain the water from the earth into a household, a deep well pump has to be used. To obtain water, a typical deep water well jet-pump pattern mounts one pipe to the impeller housing driving water down into the pump's body which is located about 10 to 20 ft. below the water level. Another pipe links the output side of the body back to the pump.

With a jet pump, the velocity of the water creates a partial space in the pipe that pulls standing well water to the next pipe and then directing it into the pump and plumbing system. The jet pump lifts the water into the system both by using suction and applying pressure from the impeller.

While a jet pump can unfailingly handle a hundred feet deep well, moving the pump down into the well is a more effective solution. This procedure lifts the water up instead of pushing it. Its function will not become similar with a typical submersible pump, which is characterized by a long roll shaped pump that fits inside the well casing. The base or bottom half is made of a closed pump motor that is linked to the above-ground power outlet. The actual pump, half of the unit, is composed of a packed series of impellers, each divided by a diffuser, which drives the water up the pipe or hose into the plumbing structure.

In a modern system, the well covering outside the home is linked to the plumbing system by a tube that runs under the ground to the basement. This parallel pipe joins the well pipe because of a connector called an adapter. The purpose of the adapter is to allow access to the force and well piping through the well casing, while directing water from the pump into the system.

Submersible pumps are more efficient than jet pumps of the same size motor. They are more reliable and often perform for more than 20 years without servicing. They can be used in shallow wells but algae, silt and sand should be prevented in entering the pump because it will shorten the life of the pump.

No matter what kind of pumps you have, jet pump or submersible pump, both pumps perform the same output. They have similar procedures in getting water. Pumps could not be run continuously so that whenever the tap is opened, the user would first put water to the tank in order to stir up. Inside a present tank is an air bladder that is squeezed as the water is pumped in. The pressure in the tank moves the water through the house pumping system.

When the force reaches a preset level, a control stops the pump. As water is being used the force or pressure begins to decrease until the switch curves on the pump and the cycle is done again. The deep well water works repeatedly.


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