How To Accent Your Home Victorian Style

Accenting your home in a Victorian style is simple and can be inexpensive if you choose. By choosing to use items found at yard sales or used furniture stores, you can transform any room in your home into a lovely, rich and comfortable space full of sumptuous old world elegance. The staples of the Victorian décor are mixed. One of the advantages to changing your taste to include the Victorian style in your home is the variety this particular style affords the decorator. Victorian style consists of many different types of furniture, wall décor, fabric and wall covering pieces, designs and patterns. These various mixes of art and style combine to create a marvelous sense of cozy comfort to any room.

Here are some ways to accent your home in a Victorian style:

  • Choose proper colors:

Victorian homes often had heavy and bold colors. Some of these Victorian era colors included deep reds, greens, pinks and mauves. Don’t be shy about choosing your colors. Mixing and matching these same colors will ensure a true Victorian feel and accent.

  • Choose rich fabrics:

Victorian inspired accents call for a very tactile presence. Choosing fabrics heavy with hand-stitched embroidery, velvets and brocades with tassels and ribbons and embellishments such as thick stitching and trim work add to the sumptuous feel of the Victorian inspired room.

  • Add small touches:

Richly designed throw pillows and accents such as vases, tasseled drapery made of heavy fabrics and lined with a coordinating accent pattern will add depth to the overall Victorian feel of your home.

  • Use specific furniture pieces:

Victorian décor calls for lots of stone topped, small but usable furniture pieces. Small plant stands topped with marble or stone inlay, slim but sturdy sofa tables with turned legs adorned with inlay pieces of marble or tile and coffee or end tables. Coffee and end tables for purposeful use can be larger and rather substantial as compared to the other smaller pieces which, while usable, should be primarily reserved for accent or decoration.

  • Use your walls:

The walls in Victorian homes were heavy with specifically accented wood work. Try applying thick and bulky wood accents to your walls. Wooden corner accent pieces aligned with broad and substantial crown and chair moldings are common in the Victorian style.

  • Choose center pieces in each room:

Victorian homes often had pieces of furniture as the main accent of the room. Use camel back sofas covered in velvet or a heavy iron bed accented with brocade trim. Use a large dining table accented with woodwork and marble.

The Victorian style of decorating offers any home a unique opportunity to delve into the richness of another era simply, easily and with the grace of another time.


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