How To Accessorize a Bathroom

When sprucing up your home, bathrooms are great places to start.  Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the home, making them budget-friendly areas to freshen up.  When you are ready to accessorize your bathroom, there are many creative, inexpensive ways to do this.  With just a few simple changes, you can transform the look of your bathroom.

To begin accessorizing your bathroom, start with the bathroom fixtures.  You want to be sure that your bathroom is updated to your liking, and then you can begin choosing colors and decorative accessories.

For starters, change any light fixtures that you feel are outdated.  This will probably be the most expensive part of accessorizing your bathroom, but even these fixtures can be found at low prices.  Remember to stick with a consistent theme, such as modern or traditional fixtures.  Also choose a matching shower curtain rod, faucet, toilet paper holder, and towel holder.

Once you have updated the look of your bathroom, you will want to begin filling it in with accessories.  To start, purchase new towels for your bathroom.  This includes bath and shower towels and hand towels.  Although simple, there is a wide variety of bath towels available.

Try to stick to one or two colors that will serve as the theme for your bathroom.  Also be sure to purchase quality towels, even though they cost a bit more.  Splurging on bath towels will save you in the long run and also keep you towels looking newer longer.

Next, choose a bath rug to go in front of your shower or bath.  The bath rug should match the color of your bath towels, so try to stick to the same company so that the colors look the same.  You should also choose a bath mat that is absorbent and easy to wash.

To continue accessorizing your bathroom, you will need a shower curtain.  Once again, your shower curtain should match the other colors in the bathroom.  However, shower curtains have the freedom to show some personality as well - don’t be afraid to purchase one that has lots of color or a specific design.  As an added perk, purchase new shower curtain hooks.

Now that you’ve accessorized the items that will set the stage for your bathroom, you can begin filling it in with decorative items.  Look for bathroom sets that make this process easier, such as choosing a tissue box, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, rinse cup, and garbage can that all match.

You can also add other bathroom accessories such as candles, lotions or plants that can be set out to add character.  Also opt for pictures to be hung on the wall that reflect the style of your bathroom.  Keep in mind that any decorative accessories that you add will need to be cleaned regularly.  Bathrooms are subject to a lot of use, which also means a lot of dirt and dust build-up.


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