How To Accessorize Your Bed

Your bed is considered to be a very personal space, so you should go all out to personalize it to your liking. Accessorizing your bed depends largely on your personality and taste and its add-ons would contribute to the functionality and design elements you prefer to integrate. But before accessorizing your bed, keep these things in mind:

  1. Determine the size of your bed. Before proceeding with accessorizing your bed, know the size of it so that the dimensions of your accessories will perfectly fit your bed. In the market today, there are king size, queen size, single and double or twin beds available. Check the tags of your beds to see what type of bed you have.
  2. Look at customized designs. To get information about what accessories you can implement, look at interior design magazines or websites to see some examples of bed accessories. These may include customized sheets, creative bed frames, bedposts, and extra drawers for beds, study table enhancements, among others. Flip through the pages of your local mags and websites to see which designs you like best.
  3. Decide on a theme. Sometimes having a centralized theme can be very helpful in designing anything, even your beds. Do you plan to make a princess-type bed for your kid?  Or maybe a bed with bookshelves all around?  Choose a theme that appeals to you and work around it to be able to easily accessorize your bed.
  4. Know which add-ons you'd want to implement. Are you ultimately gunning for design, or do you want to add more functions to your bed?  Or maybe you'll want a mix of both.  It's important to know these things before proceeding with accessorizing your bed so that you will be guided accordingly.
  5. Hire a carpenter. Sometimes you'll have to modify the bed frame of your bed to be able to add further accessories to it. Hiring a carpenter who can modify your wood, iron or any bed of any material can be of great help in the customization process because he will be able to actualize your visualized designs. Maybe you want a uniquely shaped headboard, or convert the bottom bunk of your double-decker bed into a study area; hiring a carpenter will make the job easy for you.
  6. Buy materials and other accessories. Of course, to be able to fully accessorize your bed, you need to buy the materials needed for the design. These materials would include mattresses, bed sheets, bedroom furniture, paints, wood, steel, pillows, cushion and other elements you may want to integrate to your bed. Ask the carpenter you've hired which materials he would need, or consult an interior designer to know which accessories would best fit the bed in your room.

In accessorizing your bed, make sure to be as creative and as wild as possible. Remember, this is your personal space, so make sure that whatever element you put on your bed represents who you are as a person.


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