How To Accessorize Your Bedroom and Bathroom on a Budget

Making a room more snazzy and trendy is always a favored project by many homeowners especially women. No one likes sticking to what was and had existed months or years ago. We always want change and this can be seen in how we constantly change our bedroom and bathroom designs. We want them to constantly look fresh and attractive and a haven of comfort and satisfaction. However, the problem is not only how to do it but to do it on a budget. Careful planning is necessary to ensure cost efficiency in accessorizing your bedroom and bathroom. Here are a few steps that you can follow to successfully accomplish the task.

  • Know what you want to alter. Check out what part of the bedroom and bathroom you want to change and accessorize. This will help you plan out the materials to use and whether these are within your budget or not. You will need to determine if you can do the task yourself or if you will need the assistance and skills of a carpenter, painter, or an interior designer as well.
  • Determine the theme. Imagine the patterns and colors that match the mood you desire to express. Make sure to coordinate every single part of your bedroom and bathroom to what mood you want. If you are only replacing some furniture, fabrics, and items in your bedroom and bathroom, choose items and colors that already fit your current décor.
  • Paint the wall and ceiling. It will make your bedroom and bathroom looks new and would lessen the amount of money you can spend for more objects to decorate. By the paint colors alone, you can already convey the atmosphere you want in your bedroom and bathroom. Colors describe moods so you can choose from the variety of colors available in the market. Go to the nearest hardware store that sells cheaper paints or even prefer the second hand paint on garage sale and pick on colors that fit your style. Because there are varieties of paints, check on brands or types that suits the wall surface you are applying to. Make sure to consider other painting materials too like primer, paintbrush, paint roller, paint scraper, solvent/ spot remover and more.
Since you need to stick to a budget, it would be wise of you to do the painting yourself. If you are unfamiliar with the process, ask a friend or family member for assistance especially those that have the skills and experiences in painting.
  • Clean the floor to boost its color or design. Since re-tiling your bedroom and bathroom’s floor is quiet expensive, all you need is clean it regularly to refrain the stains and molds from sticking the tiles. You can simply use water, anti-bacterial soap or even vinegar to remove dirt and stains from your floor. Since it is hard to wash the bedroom’s floor, better use a mop wet with water and soap. Apply vinegar to remove the stains on the grout and tiles later on. If you have wooden or cemented floor in your bedroom, you can apply floor wax to keep it clean and shiny.
  • Utilize drapes. Go to local second hand and wholesale home décor stores to buy drapes. Choose fabrics and colors that will match your comforter and sheets. If you are getting new beddings, make sure to match the drapes with the new beddings. When buying drapes, you must consider first the size of your bedroom and bathroom windows. Make sure to measure their dimensions before proceeding with the purchase. You really do not want to buy a whole lot of extra fabric or drapes.

Of course, making your bedroom and bathroom beautiful is not limited to the above stated steps. If budget permits, you can add more accessories like rugs and baskets for soaps, lotions, toners, and moisturizers. Real plants are also good for interior decoration so make sure to consider these cheap natural decors.


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