How To Acid-Wash a Swimming Pool

Choosing to acid-wash your swimming pool is beneficial if your pool is stained and has lost its natural sparkle and shine.  Keep in mind that while acid-washing your swimming pool will restore its original look, it also removes a layer of plaster from the pool walls.  For this reason, it’s best to do an acid wash on occasion and only if needed.

To get started giving your swimming pool an acid wash, first drain all the water from the pool.  It’s best to get a submersible pump and pump the water out manually.  Shut down the pool system pump and other pool equipment.  This step will take some time, so prepare accordingly.  Also be sure to drain the pool when you are ready to do the acid wash.

While the pool water is draining, scoop out any excess leaves, bugs or debris.  Also scrub the walls of the pool so that they are clean.  This is where it is beneficial to have someone help you with cleaning your pool.

Once the pool is cleaned and emptied, you will need to dress yourself in protective clothing.  Keep in mind that you will be working with acid, which can burn the skin and create harmful fumes.  Some essential things to wear include thick and protective clothing that covers the arms and legs, goggles, waterproof boots, and a mask.  Anyone helping you should wear the same clothing.

In order to give your pool an acid wash, you will need to use muriatic acid.  Each gallon of the acid will clean about 5 to 10 feet of your pool.  You can choose to use the muriatic acid as is or dilute it with water.  If you choose to dilute the acid, you will have to mix one gallon of the muriatic acid to one gallon of water.  Do this in a watering can or spray-pump bottle.

Whether you choose to use full strength or diluted muriatic acid, the next steps are the same.  You will slowly pour the acid down the walls of your pool and then wait about 30 seconds for the acid to work.  You can then rinse the acid off using a water hose.  If using the acid and water solution, you can scrub the walls using an acid brush before rinsing them off with the hose.

An important tip to remember is that when you begin cleaning the bottom of your pool, you will need to place your submersible pump in the deepest part of your pool.  This is so that acid will not fill up in your pump.  To help with this, leave a little bit of water in your pump so that if acid enters, it will be diluted and then pumped out of the pool.

To complete your acid wash, rinse your pool out with water and baking soda, which will help neutralize the acid.  Then rinse your pool one last time and fill it up with clean, fresh water.


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