How To Add a Handheld Shower to a Tub Fixture

A fixed showerhead is already a good addition to a tub. However, many people prefer the hand-held shower. This is more comfortable to use. You can even control where the water will spray. A hand-held shower can be used for cleaning the bathroom, too. So, if you have a tub fixture already installed, maybe, you can simply add a hand-held shower to it. If not, then that’s a different story.

Follow these steps when planning to add a hand-held shower to your bathroom:

  • Check your current fixture. Is there any spot for a hand-held shower? This spot looks like a shower diverter. You will simply attach a hand-held shower to that diverter and you can finally have that hand-held shower. If there is no diverter, better consider buying a new tub fixture with the needed shower diverter.
  • Remove the old tub fixture. A pipe wrench or Allen wrench can help you remove the old fixture. Usually, fixtures are screwed to the tub. You can also unscrew the entire fixture using a big screwdriver. Put it into a spout and then turn the fixture around. This should already remove the entire fixture.
  • Install the new tub fixture. Do this the same way you removed the old tub fixture. Reattach the bolts or screws. If this won’t work, consider using layers of Teflon tape to wrap the threads. Screw that into the opening using a screwdriver or pipe wrench for tighter attachment.
  • Install the hand-held shower hose. Put in the hose to the shower diverter in the tub fixture. Use Teflon tape for covering the threads before you insert and attach the shower. This will make sure that no leaking will come from the shower.
Buy the hand-held shower and the new tub fixture at the same time so you can check if the shower will fit to the diverter. Using the Teflon tape can help fit a smaller shower. Those with bigger pipes will be impossible to remedy.
  • Install the shower mount. Most hand-held showers come with a mount that should be attached to the wall. The manufacturer usually includes an instruction on how to attach that. Follow that instruction carefully. It’s typically an easy job, anyway, which only requires screwing of the mount on the wall.

The instruction mentioned above is the easiest way to add a hand-held shower to a tub fixture. But just in case you want a separate shower, you might already need the help of a professional. Installing a separating shower will require working with the pipes, which is far more difficult work than just adding a hand-held shower to an existing tub fixture.

In case you will do it yourself, always prioritize safety when doing the project. Turn off your bathroom’s water supply, especially if you will work with major pipes. For simpler works like unscrewing things, turning off the water supply is not anymore necessary.

Adding a new hand-held shower to your tub fixture is a good way to add a new option for bath time. Though taking a bath in a tub is the most enjoyable, using the hand-held shower is a faster way to finish your bath time. This has more uses for your bathroom, too.


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