How To Add a Photo to a Placemat

Customized placemats make great gifts for parents and grandparents - even kids love them.  Imagine how thrilled your grandparents will be when they get a great photo placemat of the grandkids, or imagine how thrilled your toddler will be to eat his lunch on a placemat with his face on it. This really personalizes boring meal times for them.  

You can make these great placemats yourself.  There are a couple of ways of doing this. You can either create great fabric photo placemats or plastic ones. The type you decide to make depending on the type of placemats you want.

You will need a few items like photographs, scissors, paper, acid-free adhesive, embellishments, self-laminating sheets, and a blank placemat.

Your first step will be to print out your photographs. However, you want to print these photographs out on a special fabric paper; this can be found at your local craft store. Just tell the clerk that you want fabric paper to print photographs on from your home printer. When you have followed the instructions for printing the photograph on the fabric paper, then you want to remove the back part to reveal the photograph on the fabric.

Take the fabric placemat you have chosen and lay the photo down in any way which looks nice.  You can choose more than one photo if you want.  You can also use other embellishments like ribbons, lettering, or anything else you want, so long as it is pretty flat. Pin your pieces down and then stitch them together. This makes a great personalized fabric placemat.

Now if you want a plastic placemat then you need to do things a little differently. Choose a pretty piece of paper, one that is large enough to be a placemat, then place your photo on the paper and use other embellishments if you wish. You can use charms, ribbons, poems, or drawings for your design.

Use the acid-free adhesive to secure everything in place. Take two self-laminating sheets and then cover the placemat on both sides. Roll a rolling pin over the self-laminating sheets to eliminate any air bubbles. You now have a perfect placemat ready to give away or to use with your little ones.

These make great gifts or stocking stuffers for kids, and fabulous grandparent gifts. Your parents will be thrilled with placemats they get from your little ones. Try different types and use different photographs and embellishments.


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