How To Add Ambiance Lighting to Your Backyard

Adorning your backyard with attractive ambiance lighting pieces can be done without the help of a professional electrician. Here are some useful suggestions you can consider if you want to add ambiance lighting to your backyard.

  1. Check out garden supplies stores and hardware shops for different types of lighting systems that are ideal for your backyard. Setting up extra lighting systems in your backyard has special considerations. You will have to make sure that the lights you purchase are appropriate for outdoor use or else you will risk electrocution and even fire. Outdoor lighting systems come in different shapes, colors and sizes so you should not have a hard time looking for suitable items especially if your backyard has already been set up with a specific theme.
  2. Check the power sources for your outdoor ambiance lighting system. If there are no power outlets currently set up in and around your backyard, then you might want to consider having them installed by a certified electrician first. Another option would be to just use extension cords. Just make sure that the wires are properly concealed to prevent people or pets from tripping over them. Also make sure that the outlets for these extension cords are protected from rain. Position the extension cord's outlet under a protected canopy and also above ground so it would not get soaking wet during downpours.
  3. Opt for lighting fixtures that use insect repellent bulbs. Lighting fixtures that use mosquito repellent bulbs are also a great idea if you want to add ambiance lighting to your backyard. Some of these are set up to look like attractive lamp shades of different shapes and sizes.
  4. Go for solar powered lights to save up on your electricity bills. Solar powered lights that are suitable for outdoor use can be had at local hardware stores although they cost a little more than the typical fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. However, the little extra you pay for the solar powered lights should make up for the huge savings you will get in the long run. Solar powered lights are less prone to burning as well as they do not need electrical currents to function. This in turn means that fires are least likely to occur from using your solar powered lights.

Simply set up your choice of ambiance lighting system in strategic places so you would not have to set up lengths and lengths of wires. You can invite friends over for dinner over one weekend to show off the newly installed ambiance lighting system in your backyard.


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