How To Add Compost to Soil

Composting is an organic way to return waste to the soil. You can compose food waste, grass clippings and other yard waste, sawdust, paper and cardboard, and many other types of garbage. Adding this compost to your garden can increase its productivity, working as an all-natural fertilizer. Once you have started composting, here's how to add compost to soil in your yard or garden:

Step 1

Wait until the compost is ready. In order for these wastes to turn into compost, you must let the mixture sit in a compost box or pile for some time. Turn it periodically to add more air. The pile should be damp at all times, so you may need to add water. Mix the different items in your compost bin, and make sure you have brown and green yard wastes as well as vegetable matter. Turn it with a pitchfork every week or two, and wait for the mixture to decompose. Eventually, a layer of good compose will form at the bottom of your bin or pile.

Step 2

Decide where to use the compost. If you have mixed anything with pesticides or herbicides into the compost, do not use it on a vegetable or fruit garden; it should be used only on beds that do not produce edible crops.

Step 3

Spread it in your garden. Use a pitchfork or shovel to add a layer of compost to your gardening beds. You can either mix it in with the rest of the soil using your pitchfork, or use it as a layer on the surface, like mulch. Shovel a band around each plant, or spread it evenly across the entire surface. You should use a layer about an inch and a half deep, although if the original soil was not very fertile, you may want to add additional compost.

Step 4

Wait to plant the bed. If the compost is very fresh, ideally you will spread it in your garden, wait a few weeks, and then plant your garden. This will allow time for the compost to stabilize within the soil. However, this is not completely necessary; you may wish to add a layer of compost to a garden that is already established.

Step 5

Reap the benefits. The nutrients in your compost will feed your garden, making it much more productive. Enjoy a beautiful garden this summer thanks to your compost bin!

Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of trash you produce while creating an all-natural fertilizer for your garden.


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