How To Add Depth and Dimension with Architectural Accents

On of the stylistic drawbacks of many newer homes is that they are lacking in architectural interest. Plain drywall and simple wood moldings look the same from one house to another, imparting an impression that feels mass produced, lacking the detailed workmanship of skilled craftsman from days gone by. However, by incorporating architectural accents you add a graceful artisan quality full of depth and dimension to otherwise flat walls.

Step 1

Salvaged Materials
Salvage yards, flea markets and antique stores are great resources for finding the real thing. Search online for Web sites that catalog and sell salvaged architectural materials. Mantles, scrollwork in wood or wrought iron, cornices, gingerbread, columns and moldings can be used to create a focal point indoors or out and lend an air of history to a home.

Step 2

Resin Moldings
Fluted column moldings, crown moldings, dental moldings and scrollwork can be found in resin at a fraction of the price of their wooden counterparts. If you're planning to paint the moldings, there is really no reason to use wood. Resin moldings are also easier to install; because the material is light and pliable, it is easier to hang and the back side of the molding can be whittled as needed to accommodate imperfections in a wall. Crown moldings and dental moldings add crowning glory to a room. Fluted columns and scrollwork can be added to a plain mantel making it look like it was created by a skilled craftsman. Resin moldings and panels can be used to create the look of expensive stacked molding along a staircase or below a chair rail. Combine moldings, pilasters and columns on a wall to create the illusion of detailed plaster or wood panels. Resin moldings and columns are flat pieces that can be easily installed right over existing woodwork or drywall, and then painted as desired.

You can also find synthetic moldings in materials that are designed for your home's exterior to add crown moldings and pilasters around doors and windows or to add architectural trim.

Step 3

Resin Wall Hangings
Resin wall hangings in many styles give you the option of creating textured finishes to your walls, giving them a touch of European finery, American Federal traditionalism, lost ancient cultures or timeless Victorian elegance.

  • Column fragments reminiscent of classic Greek architecture and detailed archways with a Romanesque appeal can grace entries, doorways and arches.
  • Pilasters and eyebrow cornices can make regular windows look like those created by Colonial craftsmen in Williamsburg or Philadelphia.  
  • Victorian lace cast resin wall hangings adds the detail of fine cut lace to your walls. Go for a tone-on-tone textural effect by painting the wall in an ivory shade that is close to the color of the lace, or create contrast with a colored wall that will show through the lace.
  • Architectural grilles and gates enhance Mediterranean, Old World, and ethnic styles with flavorings of Europe, Asia or ancient Persia and Constantinople. Fleur-de-lis patterns accent garden themes, casual or formal settings, or a colorful French Quarter theme. Resin cast architectural pieces make it easy to create a focal point, whether you prefer the grace of a Corinthian gate or the glory of an Athenian wing.


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