How To Add Millwork Trim to a Bookcase

Are you dying to add a bit of life to your otherwise plain-looking bookcase? You don’t have to consult your artist or designer friends for this project. You can dress up your own bookcase by adding beautiful embellishments in the form of millwork trim. It costs less and won’t take up a huge chunk of your time to finish it. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Determine where you want to apply the millwork. Before buying the millwork, you should first decide where you want it to go. The top of the bookcase, the front of the shelves, the vertical edges, or the horizontal edges are just some of the best spots where you can apply the millwork. When you’ve made up your mind, measure the areas where you want to apply the millwork so you’ll only buy what you need. Include enough for allowances.
  • Get the materials. You’ll need the following tools: millwork saw, miter box, drill, tape measure, T-square, wood filler, wood glue, and finishing nails. You can find all these materials from a local hardware store.
  • Select the millwork style. When choosing the design of your millwork trim, you can consider a style that can match or complement other furniture in the room where your bookcase is located. Matching styles will give a unifying theme to your room or give you the particular ambiance and overall look that you want to achieve. If you’re not afraid to mix things up a little bit, pick a style that will provide an interesting contrast with your other furniture.
  • Select the color for the millwork trim. Buy paint or stain with the color that you prefer. Again, you can choose a color that will match or complement the color theme of the room or other furnishings where your bookcase is located. If contrast is what you want, you can pick an interesting shade or color.
  • Prepare your cuts. Once you cut the millwork, there’s no going back and there’s no room for mistakes. What you need to do then is to sketch your cuts on paper, especially for angle cuts that would require the millwork to go around corners. Angle cuts can be quite tricky to do. If you have extra lengths of millwork, practice making a few cuts. Only when you’re confident enough and ready to make the actual cuts, cut your millwork. Use a miter box for those angle cuts.
  • Attach the millwork to the bookcase. You have to use wood glue and small finishing nails to fasten the millwork to certain parts of the bookcase. Make sure that you countersink the nails. When you’re done with this, fill in the nail holes using the wood filler. When the wood filler is dry, you have to sand them down.
  • Paint or stain the millwork with your chosen color. Add the finishing touches to your millwork trim by painting or staining it. Wait until the paint is completely dry. Only then can you reposition your bookcase and fill it with your treasured books and ornaments. Take some time to just admire your work and pat yourself on the back for a DIY project well done.

Adding millwork trim to your blah bookcase is one easy and creative way of making it more interesting. You’ll add a new DIY skill to your repertoire and proudly show off your masterpiece to friends and family.


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