How To Add the Look of a Brick Wall to Your Home

Brick wall photo

There are numerous ways to add the look of a brick wall to your home, without having to lay a brick wall in place of or in front of an existing wall. Paneling and paint are two easy ways to add a faux brick wall to your house; however, you will need to work carefully to make your project professional looking and avoid sloppiness.

Step One

Choose a wall to transform. Avoid bricking all walls in a room; as this will make faux brick more noticeable than if a single wall of a room is made to look like a brick wall.

Step Two

Apply brick paneling to the wall. Paneling works best for small sections of walls to make a fake chimney or stove backing. When applying paneling to a large wall, you will need to work carefully to avoid gaps and hide seams by proper placement of paneling sheets.

Step Three

Attach faux brick paneling to the existing surface of a wall, using glue and small tacks. Align the ends of the paneling pieces so that the brick pattern is even; as this will make the look of a brick wall appear more realistic.

Step Four

Painting on fake brick is another great way to add the look of a brick wall to your home without having to lay brick. Painting however, will take more time and closer attention to detail.

Step Five

Begin by painting the existing wall in cement or mortar color. This will serve as the cracks between the bricks to make the faux brick appear more realistic.

Step Six

You will notice that the mortar or cement on a real brick wall is textured and not solid in color. One way to bring this realistic detail to your fake brick wall is to add textured paint or create an uneven and sprinkled pattern to mock cement or mortar.

Step Seven

Use a base coat of gray paint and spray on a textured paint in a slightly darker shade of gray. If textured paint is not available, use a darker shade of gray wall paint, dipped on a toothbrush and run your finger across the bristles.

Step Eight

Point the toothbrush towards the wall as you does this to sprinkle tiny flecks of darker paint across the backdrop of lighter gray.

Step Nine

Allow the base paint to dry over night and then apply painter’s tape to create a brick pattern. The tape will cover the base paint and protect the lines in the brick. Use jagged pieces, with torn edges to make a more realistic looking fake brick wall.

Step Ten

Spray on textured paint in various brick shades. It is important to use different shades to make the wall more realistic.


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