How To Adjust a Garage Door Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are usually found mounted on a fixed metal bar both placed on top and parallel to the garage door. They use the mechanical power of the springs that create the torsion force enabling ease in opening and closing the garage door. If there is a problem with your garage door using this kind of setup, it is most likely that there are only two reasons behind it. One is that it is broken another is that you need to adjust the torsion springs. Here's how:

  • If you have already identified that it only needs adjustment, ready your tools and have a bud to help you out. Remember that adjusting a garage door torsion spring requires an extra caution as it could cause serious injuries if you're not careful. Don yourself with protective gears for your eyes and wear gloves at all times.
  • Initially have the door down decreasing the spring's tension. With your tools within hands reach, secure the garage door with a C-clamp tool. This prevents the door to suddenly rise as you adjust the torsion springs.
  • Identify the location of the torsion springs and be familiarized with its placement of screws and notches. Look for the moveable end for each of the spring that is connected to its collar. Lock its adjustment collar with your screwdriver to hold the spring in position.
  • There are certain holes in the mechanism that you need to put metal bars in it. These bars hold the collar in a fixed position while you lose the screws. The metal bar dimensions should be 18 inches long and about half an inch in diameter. Firmly set this bar into the hole to hold the mechanism in place. Ensure that you simultaneously do this with both torsion springs to maintain balance in your garage door.
  • Loosen the set of screws while having the metal bar in the hole. Be careful not to shake it off place as it could snap and hit off something in the process. Have another metal bar of the same size hooked on another hole in the torsion spring mechanism. Use this as leverage to adjust the spring either loosening it or tightening it as needed. It is recommended to have small increments in adjusting to know the right torsion needed for your garage door. See to it that equal adjustments are done to both springs.
  • While holding it for the new adjustment, tighten the screw to its new position. Make sure that every screw is tightened properly before removing the metal bar on the hole. Put back all the screws and notches in its proper position.
  • Test your adjustments by opening and closing your garage door while feeling the strength of the torsion. Repeat the process if you're not contented with your initial adjustment. Remember to note everything to decrease the back job in adjusting your torsion springs. Now you can have your garage door with your preferred torsion strength. Opening and closing it will now be a piece of cake!


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