How To Adjust Your Pool Cleaner

Few things feel more refreshing than being able to take a dip into the sparkling clear waters of the in-ground pool in your own backyard.  Millions of households invest in a swimming pool for just that reason.  But unless you properly maintain your pool with regular use of your pool cleaner, you may find yourself swimming through cloudy water and an assortment of leaves, debris, bugs and other detritus that makes swimming more of an obstacle course than the pleasurable exercise it's meant to be.  Using an automatic pool cleaner can be a time-saver and makes what otherwise could turn out to be a chore consuming several hours into a quick and efficient operation that can be handled within an hour's time.

One of the biggest problems in using a suction pool cleaner that's plugged into the skimmer is having the cleaner get hung up and repeatedly cleaning the same area over and over, in addition to missing other areas.  There are several simple maintenance steps to take to adjust your pool cleaner so that you eliminate the problem of having the cleaner get hung up in one particular spot.

Before starting your cleaning routine, it's important that you start with a clean pool filter.  This will enable  the proper flow of water for the cleaner to do its job.

For maximum pool cleaner efficiency, it's important that the hose not have any kinks in it or this will cause the cleaner to malfunction.  Adjust the hose so that's it's not coiled up in any way.  Adjust the pool jets so that the water flow is pointed toward the surface of the pool as this motion will help to keep pushing the hose.  The cleaner will move in the direction that the hose is being pushed, so pay attention to adjusting the position of the hose if your cleaner seems to be getting hung-up on any one section of the pool. If your cleaner keeps stopping when it reaches the main drain, you may need to turn off the main drain valve during the cleaning operation.

As the pool cleaner continues moving, keep your eyes on how the jets are pushing the hose which in turn is directing the movement of the cleaner and make adjustments to either the jets or the hose if you find the cleaner getting stalled in one spot like near the main drain. As the hose goes, so goes the cleaner.

You may want to mark the position of the pool's jets once you have adjusted them for optimum cleaner efficiency so that you can notice if they get bumped or moved during the rest of the week. It will be a timesaver to keep them in the same position to properly move the cleaner each week rather than having to adjust them every time you use the pool cleaner.


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