How To Aerate Your Lawn the Easy Way

A lush and green lawn is only really possible if it is regularly and properly aerated.  Lawns that retain moisture for extended periods of time will be exposed to various undesirables such as molds, mildew, and fungi.  All these can turn your luscious green lawn into a brown weedlike yard with patches of dead grass.  This is the reason why proper lawn aeration is important and outright critical.  Here are some easy ways to aerate your lawn.

  • Mow or cut the grass.  Obviously, if the grass on your lawn is tall, when the rain comes, the soil will surely retain moisture due to the tall grasses blocking the natural air and sunlight needed to dry the soil.  This is why, cutting or mowing your grass short is critical to make your lawn greener.  This should be done once a month or once every two months.  To accomplish the task, you can choose by either using a lawn mower or cut manually using grass cutters.  The lawn mower would be the easiest tool to use since it will make your cuts level for the whole yard.  However, if your yard is bumpy and hilly, then you won’t be able to use a mower effectively.  This is where grass cutters or shears are the next best thing.
  • Wear golf cleats or sandals with spikes at the soles.  While mowing or simply walking around your lawn, it is highly recommended to wear shoes that will have spikes that can plug holes into the soil.  These holes will allow the air and the sunlight to come in thus, drying and aerating soil.  Technically, some experts say that footwear is not enough since the holes should be at least 3 to 4 inches deep.  However, wearing the shoes while you walk on the lawn may at the very least help the whole effort.  This being said, make sure to consider doing this.
  • Use a plugger.  If wearing golf cleats don’t cut it, then consider using a soil plugger.  You can find this tool in most home garden supply stores. Purchase one and start plugging all around your yard.  Again, this whole activity will enable the proper aeration of your soil.  The only drawback from this method is that your lawn, after this method, may become uneven.
  • Use commercial liquid solutions.  Most home garden supply stores will have a liquid aerating solution in stock which you can consider applying on your lawn.  This commercial solvent contains various chemicals that will loosen the soil to allow the moisture to seep into the deeper recesses of the ground and into the roots of the grass where they belong.  This is a good solution if you don’t really feel comfortable with manual labor.

If all these aeration options fail you, then you should consider bringing in the heavy cavalry.  Consider hiring a contractor that can aerate your lawn with a power aerator.  These are huge and heavy machinery that can provide the aeration your lawn so desperately needs.  The only thing about this is that this option may cost quite a bit. 


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