How To Apply Drywall Joint Tape

Applying drywall joint tape may seem challenging at first, but once you get a hang of the pattern, you should be able to finish taping the joints in your drywall all by yourself. Generally, there are two ways to tape the joints. One is through the use of mesh tape and the other is through the use of the paper tape. Here’s how.

  • Mesh tape. The mesh tape is the easiest type of tape to apply, although the mesh tape is sometimes more expensive to use. The mesh tape has a self-adhering compound that makes it very easy to use. The mesh tape is just like normal tape that you will need to apply on the joint, from the top to the bottom. It also has a mesh built into the tape itself, which means that it is quite strong as well. Most new homes use the mesh tape for the drywall joints.
  • Paper tape. Another approach, however, is to use the paper tape. The paper tape is a bit trickier to apply. You will first need to apply the drywall compound onto the joint, using the taping knife. The drywall compound is known as the mud. Only after your have put in some mud will the paper tape be able to adhere to the drywall.
  • Smooth out. Before the mesh tape or the paper tape fully sets into position, you need to make sure that you smooth out the tape and push out all of the air bubbles. Doing this will prevent bumps from forming on the tape area. This is especially important because you will have to coat the drywall with more mud later on. This means that any imperfections on the surface will translate into quite prominent bumps once the mud has been applied.
  • Coating. After you have applied the tape, the final step is to apply the final coating of mud. Take the taping knife and use it to apply the mud onto the surface of the tape. You should not apply the mud too thickly. In fact, the tape should still be visible even after you have applied the tape. If there is excess mud, use the drywall knife to push it away, or blot it out with some newspaper. All of the screw heads and nail heads should also be covered with mud, so that it will become water proof.
  • Corners. One of the tricky parts when it comes to applying the drywall is the corner. You can apply the tape on the corners by first folding the tape in half. This is easy when using paper tape, since it is not adhesive and you can easily fold it with your hands. When using a mesh tape, on the other hand, you will need to push in the tape into the corner using the drywall knife. Afterwards, apply the mud as usual. Make sure that you push out any mud that gathers in the crevice in the corner.

Instead of hiring professionals to apply the tape to your drywall, you can do it yourself with just mesh tape or paper tape and some drywall mud. With these steps, applying tape to the drywall in your home should be relatively easy.


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