How To Apply Finishing Compound to Wood Furniture

Wood compared to other materials like fiberglass, titanium, or aluminum is more cost saving. In maintaining any wooden furniture, choose the best finishing compound—one that will ensure protection and ultimate shine on its surface.  Visit the local hardware for advice and see variety of products used for wood maintenance. Common wood finishes used to be wax, varnish and paint but these days more and better finishes are being offered. Try a finishing compound for a change. More and more people choose it for wood furniture because of its wonderful result plus the affordable price it offers. It is available on any local hardware and home section of department stores. Finishing compound promises a mirror- like shine to any wood furniture and it is very easy to apply. So go on and try it!

Here’s how to apply finishing compound to wood furniture:

  • Take necessary precautions. Wear a facemask to avoid inhaling the fumes. Open the windows and doors to ensure proper supply of oxygen and to avoid chemical suffocation. Make sure that there are no kids or pets around the area when doing the procedure. Prepare all the materials needed like two dry towels or old shirts for wiping, hand gloves and a bottle of finishing compound. Wear a pair of hand gloves and wipe the furniture’s surface dry with a use of a towel or an old shirt.
  • Get the bottle of finishing compound. Pour out sufficient amount on another towel or old shirt. Apply it evenly by wiping in an up-down movement and not in a circular way to ensure that the components will be equally spread on the surface.  Doing this will give an equal shine on the wooden furniture’s surface.
  • Continue wiping. Do not worry if you see some milky-like produce when applying the finishing compound. It is a natural thing for this compound type. Just continue wiping until the surface is clear and no trace of milky-like produce is left. Force must be applied in wiping so that the milky-like product will be wiped out completely without any trace left on the wood’s surface.
  • Let it dry. Finish these steps by wiping the wood’s surface with another dry towel or old shirt. Dispose of the rags properly. Tightly close the finishing compound’s bottle and keep it in a safe place that can never be reached by children.

There it goes! Wooden furniture is very easy to maintain and does not need special or extra service from a furniture specialist for polishing and finishing jobs. However one requirement is needed, your strength! Wood finishing requires patience and a whole lot of energy because it is a manual job. If achieving a well polished- almost- mirror like appeal is what you want then you have to invest all your efforts. Though it may seem tough there is no need to worry because you are assured of a perfect surface once it’s finished. Using a finishing compound is very much affordable with satisfaction guaranteed!


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