How To Apply Polyurethane Gel

If you are one of those people who value furniture for either their sentimental value or cost, you should know about polyurethane gel. This gel can extend the durability of your favorite items and make them look better. Here are some tips on how to apply this gel.

  1. Choose a polyurethane gel that is of high quality. Get recommendations from friends or the hardware clerk. An effective gel will have a greater degree of effectivity. It will decrease blotching on furniture. Once you have bought one, open and mix with a long thin piece of wood or metal.
  2. Mix it thoroughly till the chemicals completely absorb each other. It should be a bit thick yet not too much that it will not help in improving the look of your furniture
  3. Before you get the furniture or wooden object that you need to stain, place some newspapers on the floor in case you spill over the gel. Get the item and place it on top of the newspaper.
  4. Use gloves and a mask to protect yourself from any harmful diseases. Although, no massive known report regarding negative effects, this is a precautionary measure. Work in a well ventilated area.
  5. Use sandpaper on your wooden furniture, you can do this to get a much better looking finish. Sometimes, wooden furniture has sharp edges or some parts that are not smoothed out right. If you do not intend to use sandpaper, go to the next step.
  6. Clean the furniture first with a dry cloth. Remove any dirt that has accumulated. Check the corners, edges and etc. A well-cleaned object will look better when applied with this gel.
  7. Get an old cloth or a rag. This works better than a brush for the gel can be applied more easily. A rag is preferred by most users, as it is more flexible to use.
  8. If you prefer to use a brush, there would be a possibility that more than a little amount of gel will stay stuck on the bristles. Do slow strokes and impress everyone with your new handy talent.
  9. Start from the bottom going up, applying the gel with the amount recommended on the can. This will also help you in determining the length of time your furniture needs to dry. Do circular strokes so the product will even out.
  10. Check first if you haven’t missed anything. Apply another coat if you feel that the shade is not deep enough.
  11. When everything is coated, leave it for a few hours to dry. Hang a sign if you have visitors, who might accidentally ruin what you have spent a good length of time on.

Applying polyurethane gel may seem difficult but it is the opposite. It does not drip like paint does, minimizing the mess. It is not as toxic as other chemicals in the market decreasing your risk for diseases. Be careful in applying and be very patient. Your work will be good. 


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