How To Appreciate a Cedar Chest

Cedar chests have a long history. They're often one of the few things that families hand down from one generation to the next as heirlooms. Many have said that cedar chests have an internal charm and beauty that one can appreciate. If you have a cedar chest that you received from your parents and grandparents, for example, the chest itself--as can its contents--can help waft you back to the days of your childhood. There are several ways for you to be able to appreciate a cedar chest. Here are some tips to do that.

  • Scent. Cedar wood has a distinct scent that makes you realize it's really cedar. Since most cedar chests are not varnished or finished on the inside, you can still most likely smell the cedar scent when you open the chest. The aromatic scent is very pleasant to the nose. Cedar wood doesn't lose its scent easily despite the passing of many years; eventually, though, it will lose its natural scent. So, you might want to enjoy the cedar aroma of your chest.
  • Storage. Among the primary uses of a cedar chest is for storage. Many people who own cedar chests use it for storing their linens such as bed sheets, blankets, quilts, and sometimes special clothing. The aromatic cedar scent usually sticks to the cloth and can be smelled by lifting a sheet close to your nose and smelling it. In many cases, the scent will not be very strong. It will often be very subtle, but still perceptible. If you want your sheets to have a subtle scent of cedar aroma, store them inside a cedar chest for long periods.
  • Decoration. Cedar chests are also great decorative items for your home. You can place them almost anywhere in any room in your house, whether you use them for storage or just for plain decoration. Most people use them for both, though. A cedar chest particularly looks nice at the foot of a bed inside the bedroom. If you've stored inside your cedar chest those bedsheets reserved for special guests, then any time you have a guest sleeping in the room can enjoy the lovely smell of cedar on their bed.
  • Memorabilia. You can also store memories inside a cedar chest. For examples, old photographs, albums, heirlooms, and other special items of great significance can be stored safely inside a cedar chest. If you are a sentimental person, you will find cedar chests really fitting for preserving such memories.
  • Other uses. Besides storage and decoration, cedar chests can also serve a functional purpose. For example, you can use them as side tables, end tables, coffee tables, or even as seats. Some cedar chests have a lid covered with cushion, so it makes for a great seat. However, if your cedar chest is uncushioned, you can make your own or just use small pillows.

The beauty of a cedar chest comes not just from its aromatic wood but also from your creative use of it. So, try the tips suggested here so that you can appreciate your cedar chest.


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