How To Arrange Furniture Around a Fireplace

The fireplace has been a symbol of gratification, warmth and indulgence to millions of homes all around the globe. It automatically adds a healthy dose of coziness and amiability to your living room, and the first glance usually reminds you of hot cocoa on a cold winter night. However, many people don’t know how to decorate and arrange furniture around the fireplace. Whether you are considering building or buying a house with a fireplace or you already have one, you will find there are a lot of ways to make it the center of attention in your living room.

Here’s how you can arrange your furniture so that you can enjoy the fire, as well as the experiences you have with your guests.

  • Arrange the seating first. The most common goal other than enjoying the functionality of the fireplace is making your home as cozy as possible. Given this, seating is the most vital part, so you would want to place the sofa and chairs properly first before arranging other things. You would want to place your couch or sofa parallel to your fireplace, and then place the chairs beside the corners of your main sofa. By having this seating arrangement, you open up the area to laid-back recreational activities and light conversations, plus, it makes the room look bigger. Just make sure that they are not overly close to each other, and that the chairs are at the right distance from the fireplace to ensure the right warmth.
  • Position the TV. One of the most difficult parts of decorating any room is finding the perfect place for your television. For rooms with fireplaces, it’s even more difficult since the TV often competes with the fireplace as the focal point of your room. What you should do is to hang the TV above the fireplace. That way, you can eliminate the need for competition, and you will have more room for other fixtures.
  • Arrange your tables. Now that your seating and TV are in place, you can do a lot of things with your tables. You can add a center table that is easily accessible from the different seating furniture. Then add a sofa table at the back of the couch to have a place for additional lighting and décor. If there’s still enough room for your guests to move around, you can add two end tables on any of the sides of the chairs.
  • Decorate to taste. After arranging all the main pieces, the rest will really depend on your taste. One option is to place a cabinet or a bookcase adjacent to your fireplace. This is an ideal piece where you can display your decors and/or favorite books. It will also enhance the homey feel of your living room. You can add vases and ornaments, depending on your desired look. Of course larger rooms have more flexibility. You can add a reading corner or a small lounge, which can substitute as  a play area for kids. There are a lot of possibilities, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you to add items that would suit your taste and needs.

Arranging furniture around your fireplace seems to be a big job, but it’s easier than you think. With the right decorating tips, you can arrange all of your furniture to make a warmer, cozier living room.


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